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de Le Cuona; Ethereal Elements

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A new collection of beautiful earth-toned fabrics are now available at our Frewville showroom, and are set to inspire your contemporary palette. 

From de Le Cuona, a new collection has arrived entitled Ethereal Elements which explores the beauty and rhythms of nature with a modern eye, evoking the elements and translating these into three new designs; Seahorse, Turtle Island and Shore.

Amongst the collection is Seahorse, a lightweight curtain fabric. This fabric has an allure, created by its looped surface, an allure achieved by the boucle yarn used to weave it. The light bounces off the fabric and plays on the loops to create the relaxed, ruffled texture. 

Shore is a versatile dense linen, which can be used for upholstery or curtaining and is available in a variety of natural and earthy tones. This fabric is woven with yarn in varied thicknesses and tones, with the texture reflecting the handwoven techniques. 

Turtle Island is as interesting as its name, and is a lightweight fabric perfect for curtaining. It's flowing nature is what makes this textile ideal for draping. Multiple colours are combined, woven together, to create a subtle pattern. 

These fabrics come from a wide range of de Le Cuona's textiles, all of which are harnessed and produced by the best International master weavers. 

For more information on the de Le Cuona Ethereal Elements collection, contact our G&H team today! 

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New Collection: Gaston Y Daniela

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The inspiration behind Lorenzo Castillo's latest collaboration with Gaston Y Daniela is said to be the luxuriant countryside he envisioned. When discussing what he sought for the latest collection, Castillo described "the textures, neutral, yet vibrant colours, and subtle geometrics on 'tur sur ton". Instead of the plain, soft and generic fabrics for country-living, why not experiment with a collection of wools in cream whites, cerulean blues, woven stripes or geometrics in cotton and textured semi-plains?

Within Lorenzo's inspiration it's clear that the mix-up of patterns are from the Spainish countryside and its many traditions and features, in particular hunting and horses. But besides these traditional characteristics, Castillo sought to include peonies on a delft porcelain vase in a traditional English style printed on linen, and Japanese lack vases woven in jacquard, rich and sophisticated. 

In the Collection Volume IV booklet, you can read about Lorenzo's description of velvets, and the presence of them in the latest collaboration; 'with Venetian and Turkish inspiration with plant motifs, like the one used in the Doge's Palace in Venice'. 

Lorenzo sees this collection as versatile and describes it as timeless and refined; designed for a sophisticated countryside, or an urban interior. 

For more information on Lorezno Castillo's latest collaboration with Gaston Y Daniela, contact our team. 

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