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Zoffany, Darnley Fabrics

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Zoffany is one of the world's most respected brands in luxury interiors. Drawing inspiration from many different sources, including technology, contemporary design and their own historical archive. The remarkable archive was assembled over the years, through auctions and donations from customers, allowing for rich weaves, luxurious velvets and opulent wall-coverings, dating back to the 17th and 18th century.

In their latest release, Darnley, Zoffany looks to the stately homes of England to draw inspiration for the collection. The fabulous personalities of the residents are translated into a breathtaking range of velvets, embroideries, prints and weaves. These textual fabrics are embellished with exquisite detail and metallic highlight, across a variety of rich colour-ways. 

Besides the elegant fabrics of Darnley, there are ten decadent wallpapers, embellished with beautiful textures. Aristocratic notes are brought to this collection, along with Zoffany's Alchemy of Colour featured throughout. The country-house appeal has been brought to life with these classic, highly regarded designs. 

Peter Gomez, Head of Design at Zoffany said, "We have developed our designs to reflect the fabulous personalities of the individuals that lived in the great historic houses of England. Archive prints along with new designs showcase exquisite techniques, whilst at the same time, capturing the relaxed feel of country living". 

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For more information on this breathtaking Zoffany collection, click here. Or to organise cuttings or for information on pricing, contact our showroom

Greenfield & Hunter invite clients to the next presentation where Nigel Bell from the Style Library will be joining the team to discover this latest Zoffany range. A beautiful collection to learn more about, with inspiration coming from some of England's most magnificent stately homes - it will be an exceptional morning. 15th October 2018, 11.30am. RSVP here.  

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