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Flavour Paper for Arte: A new, interesting collection

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Arte International creates innovative and trend-setting high-end wall coverings for a variety of settings. A passionate designer and manufacturer of sophisticated wall coverings, Arte has been a prominent influencer of interiors for over 20 years. Blending perfectly with the most prestigious interiors, both in a cool or avant-garde way, or rather exclusive setting, their designs are elegant and timeless. 

The extensive range of designs have been used in both residential applications and in project designs, with many standing in awe at that atmosphere and elegance these designs add to settings. 

In their latest release, Flavour Paper for Arteis a collection of audacious wallpapers made in collaboration with the US company Flavour Paper, and wallpaper manufacturer, Arte. Flavour Paper is an American company based in the creative heart of Brooklyn, New York. Thriving on extravagant design and a bold attitude, Flavour Paper brought a unique collaborative element to Arte. 

The synergy between Flavour Paper and Arte saw the creation of a truly unique and captivating collection. These extravagant wallpapers will never get boring, with classic elements and bold colours stealing the spotlight and creating a range of wallpapers unlike any other we've seen. Inspired by various movements and social trends, from pop art to Van Gogh and classical floral prints, there's an array of surprising yet exciting wallpapers. 

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Each design is unique and interesting, making you double take on what's been included. The use of wild, innate objects creates unusual combinations. But the craftsmanship and use of colours creates an amazing collection unlike anything we've seen before. 

For more information on Flavour Pop for Art contact our showroom - our team are always eager to help with cuttings or pricing. Or to explore the range within this collection, visit the website and start exploring! 

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Thursday, 25 April 2019