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The New Métaphores Collection

New catalogue 16

Créations Métaphores is a supplier of high-end soft furnishings, with three distinct and unique labels; Métaphores, Verel de Belval and Le Crin. Each brand idenitifies with a specific trend; Métaphores, represents contemporary inspiration, Verel de Belval the prestigious reputation of Lyon silk trades, and Le Crin, exceptional materials and expertise. Combining these three, offers a sophisticated range of complementary and innovative textiles and fabrics. It offers professionals, decorators, upholsterers or architects a wide array of possible style combinations; colour co-ordination, bold materials and patterns and a mix of classic and contemporary. 

This week, Greenfield & Hunter focus on the new Métaphores collection which features a mix of modern emotions and trends; placing sensuality, striking colours and noble materials to create heartfelt creations. As each collection is launched, Métaphores seeks to bring sensations, fabrics and colours into play, and boldy renew weaving techniques and associations of textures. 

New catalogue 3

In their new collection, Métaphores explore the effects of velvet, and the way in which it can be worked-on with a complex technique of embroidery (see above). Aloe is described as "a design in relief which wonderfully captures light". It's beautiful for chairs, and it sublimates their shapes, but also ideal for creating headboards and evoking those contemporary vibes. 

This interesting velvet isn't the only beautiful and intriguing new addition to the Métaphores range. The Luxor (see below), plays between mat and glossy, and is a double linen and silk weft with two cotton warps. The weaving technique gives an exceptional fluffiness and depth that magnifies the geometrical design. Partnered with bold colours and other patterns, this Luxor is the perfect combination of Orient and the West, with its refined contrasts. 

New catalogue (4).png

And just because patterns are always an exciting alternative, Métaphores explores the possibilities of Amazonie velvet and geometric designs in the print Khartoum. This new printing technique is reminiscent of marqueterie, "stimulating the imagination". Métaphores allows us to be inspired by the motives (pictured below), evoking the columns and rosettes of "the most beautiful Sudanese temples". 

New catalogue (5).png

These three new Métaphores fabrics aren't the only ones that have arrived at our Greenfield & Hunter showroom. We've got a whole new range available for ordering! Don't hesitate to contact our showroom and request your sample today! 

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Wednesday, 16 January 2019