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The Andrew Martin & Kit Kemp Collaboration

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Award-winning interior designer, Kit Kemp has collaborated with Andrew Martin to create a unique, quirky and breathtaking collection of fabrics and wallpapers. 

In 2008 Kit won the Andrew Martin International Designer of the Year Award, and from this win, a seed was planted for a design collaboration. 

Inspired by the romance of folk tales, the Kit Kemp Collection captures the magnificent imagination of a child, and the magic of design. The six fabrics and five wallpapers within the range depict scenes of mythical lands in dusky colours, accented with contemporary bursts of bright orange, blue, yellow and green. 

It began when Kit discovered tapestries from the 15th and 16th century, "it was fascinating to see these magical creatures hiding behind leaves and under hedgerows". 

"Every living space should have elements to capture the imagination and enchant. We wanted a hand drawn, crafted collection bringing our love of the artisan and mythical creations together. The colours are joyful and fresh."

Native American art also provided inspiration for the Great Plains and Apache wallpapers. It was the old-wordly motifs and fabrics such as twill, linen and chintz have been modernised with vibrant colours and airer repeats. Martin & Kemp encourage designers to use the collect to layer and contract, to create a room with the unfolding twists and turns of a story.

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Discover the entire Kit Kemp Collection at our Frewville Showroom. For cuttings or pricing, please contact our Greenfield & Hunter team.

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Sunday, 29 March 2020