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Spotlight on: Ryan Genesin

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Ryan Genesin, of Genesin Studios, is the designer responsible for some of Adelaide's most prominent and well-recognisable elements. Take for example the vivid front of Cibo on Hindley Street, those zebra stripes are a standout on the streetscape of the city.

Another one of Genesin's interesting collaborations is with restaurant, Antica Pizzeria e Cucina. Where with owner Anthony Crea, the pair created a modernist Italian restaurant inspired by the old gated laneways of Napoli which open up into hidden piazzas. When discussing this project, Genesin mentions the "inspiration was a response to the client's brief to create a modern Italian site for the city life". And with this in mind, Genesin certainly fulfilled the brief, with nominations for his work with Antica in both 2016 and 2017 from the Design Institute of Australia and the Australian Interior Design Awards. 

Most recently, in 2017, Genesin Studios, along with owner Ben Phan, was involved in the deck-out of the latest Vietnamese restaurant to open its doors in Adelaide, 'Viet Next Door'. Genesin drew inspiration from the Phan family's humble beginnings in Vietnam, where simple materials were used into practical details. When discussing the project, Ryan Genesin described "the need to express a new energy and a culinary maturity, at the same time offering a sense of the familiar, and thus creating an authentic cultural connection".

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Another feature of Genesin's work at 'Viet Next Door' worth mentioning is the consistent use of South Australian makers and materials. The custom-made brass and ceramic lights were designed and manufactured in collaboration with the Jam Factory Ceramicist Damon Moon, and Jeweller & Metalsmith Christian Hall. And the inlaid woven grass wallpaper, Stroheim Grass Weave (pictured below), sitting above the booths, that's from our team at Greenfield & Hunter!

Besides marvellous work throughout SA, Genesin Studio continues to thrive on the national design scene, with numerous awards over the years, and nine nominations in 2017 alone. 

With over 12 years industry experience, and numerous awards under his belt Ryan Genesin continues to maintain an active role in the Australian design scene. He often lectures and tutors at Swinburne University Melbourne and the University of South Australia, teaching Interior Architecture (in which he graduated from). 

As a business that's also actively involved in the South Australian design scene, we're thrilled to see one of our own doing so well on the national and international stage. We can't wait to see what else Ryan Genesin has in store. 

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Tuesday, 26 March 2019