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Sanderson's new Glasshouse Collection

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Have you discovered Sanderson's new Glasshouse Collection. Blending the science of flowers and foilage with art this collection is a true celebration of botanical beauty. The Glasshouse from Sanderson includes eleven wallpapers, nine prints, two embroideries and three jacquards - all designed to showcase Mother Nature. 

Stunning embroideries are complemented by finely detailed prints. Silhouetted shadows and elegant stems bring a subtle movement to the collection. Tropical tones such as Rhodera and Eucalyptus meet with Blush and Aqua as Botanical Green and Lime bring a freshness to the collection.

The Glasshouse Collection is beautifully complemented by Sanderson's Linnean Weaves; five smart designs in a variety of striking botanical colours. The versatile geometrics, striking chevrons and modern herringbones perfectly accent the Glasshouse range. Named after Carl Linnaeus, the 18th century scientist credited with developing a system to classify living things, these weaves pay homage to the great man. 

Discover a few of our favourites from Glasshouse below...

Untitled design 29


This interesting design features elegant domed terrariums encasing a variety of succulent cacti and ornamental orchids. Available in both a fabric and wallpaper, Terrariums is available in three colour-ways, Bottle Green, Eucalyptus/Bengal Red and Ink/Papaya. 

Untitled design 30


Originating in Brazil, the Calathea or 'Prayer Plant' was a favourite for illustration in the late 19th century due to its remarkable decorative foliage. Designed to grow as two striping columns across the width of the cloth, this botanical leaf is finely painted on a crisp cotton satin. This design is available in Botanical Green and Olive, and in a wallpaper or fabric. 

Untitled design 31

Ring-tailed Lemur

These friendly faced lemur perch on a branching trail, beautifully drawn in pencil and watercolour extending the lemur's coat and long banding tail across a natural linen union. This design is available in both wallpapers and fabrics, and two colour-ways, grey and olive. 

Discover Sanderson's entire Glasshouse Collection at our Frewville Showroom. For information on pricing and availability contact our team


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Sunday, 29 March 2020