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Our Favourites of 2018

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It's nearly Christmas, and time is flying by as we approach the festive season. As the year ends, the Greenfield & Hunter team are reflecting on our favourite collections of 2018 from our suppliers. Take a step back in time with us as we share our top picks for the year...


de La Cuona: The beautiful range of Wanderlust by de Le Cuona exudes magnificent texture, colour and simplicity. From patterns to linen blends, explore the range and fall in love. 

Thibaut: The newly released Dynasty by Thibaut takes a fresh interpretation of chinoiserie yet with a modern twist. As it's infused with the rich history and elegance of Asian culture, it has proved popular and a go-to throughout the year. 

Iksel: Are you looking for a decorative wallpaper? Iksel is renowned for breathtaking works of art, all with the ability to transform any room or space. A must-see range of wallpapers and a top pick for the year. 

South Pacific

Lelievre: A favourite for our team, Lelievre's Voyages Voyages transports you to another world, bringing together the traditional aspects of many cultures, to create an interesting tale. The beautiful fabrics, all available for viewing at our Frewville showroom, are always a go-to for our team.

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Above: Misia, Jane Churchill, Westbury, Gaston Y Daniela

Unique Fabrics

Arte: With a range of wallpapers that are truly incredible, Arte is synonymous with innovative and trend-setting high-end wallcoverings. Their collection Curiosa takes inspiration from exotic trinkets, animals and natural features - adding elements of adventure to your home.

Within the range, Flavour Paper has proved extraordinary. Arte's Flavour Paper is truly unique with a bold touch of irony throughout each and every wallpaper. 

Textile Company

Misia: The beautiful fabrics from Misia has proved a popular choice for many designers, with many adoring the textiles on offer within the Le Chant de Kayapo collection. The French-brand provides sophisticated and contemporary options for the home, exuding class and elegance.

Trend - trims:  In collaboration with Trend, Jaclyn Smith (Home) has created a beautiful range of modern, fresh and contemporary trims for the home. With a wide range of colours, the versatile collection has proved popular with clients over the year. 

Domestic Textiles

Decortex: As summer approaches, the need for versatile, durable and well-made outdoor fabrics proves necessary. Decortex's Oasi Collection "Outdoor" has become a viable option for clients in their search for the perfect fabric. 

Gaston Y Daniele: The sensational Spanish designer's latest collection, Casilda Book includes a range of designs that are both traditional and contemporary. Fall in love with this range as we have.


Jane Churchill: In her latest collection, Atmosphere IV, Jane Churchill has combined classic English design with a modern contemporary feel. Every year the range presented by the UK designer prove a popular choice with clients. 

Westbury Textiles

Westbury's wide range of beautiful and versatile fabrics has made them a staple in client's selection. Their wonderful selection of colourways and textures enables designers to select the perfect option. 

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