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New Élitis Collections

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Élitis explore the patterns and textiles in the craftsmanship of their latest collections, Domino and Costa Verde.

Costa Verde combines ennobled raw materials and weaves abaca, wood, paper and silk thread with strips of mother-of-pearl and metallic thread. It embodies and unleashes hilly landscapes covered in virgin forest; forgotten fishing villages which rub shoulders with the vestiges of colonial splendour. 

One of the designs, Nacre Vichy (RM 675), is composed of 90% mother-of-pearl and 10% paper. With a wide-width, this Élitis wallpaper creates a presence within a room that is unlike any other. The mother-of-pearl offers a reflective surface, creating light in an otherwise possibly darker room (see above). Within this design there are seven designs, each with a unique colour composition and ideal for any interior setting. 

Elitis Collection 2018 (2).jpg

Within the Costa Verde collection, the materials used are all very obvious. The nature of their composition means that the wallpapers are interesting upon application. One of the most unique designs is Estancia (RM 679) which is composed of 47% multicoloured silk yarn, 38% paper and 15% nylon on a non-woven backing. The strands of silk warn add a texture to the wall unlike any that we've seen before. It's an interesting option and in situ beautiful and eye-catching (see below).

Estancia Élitis

If you're looking for something a little more natural in appearance, or lighter, the Domino collection revisits geometric and figurative motifs. This range is 100% woven, and shows an array of sketched assemblages on paper, printed to the sheet. 

A wild step away from the previously discussed wallpapers from Costa Verde, Domino is a more traditional wallpaper, European in style and design. Some are more colourful, whilst otherwise are subtle in their combination of geometric designs and hues (see below). 

Domino Collection Élitis These collections, and so many more are now available to borrow at G&H. Please contact our showroom if you require any more information or are interested in any specific designs. 

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Wednesday, 16 January 2019