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New Collection by BROCHIER

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BROCHIER is a well-known producer of interior decoration fabrics, responsible for the manufacturing of sophisticated, elegant and quality yarns. Beginning in the 900's in France, and later acquired by Clerici Tessuto S.p.A in 2007, BROCHIER has only grown in prominence and influence. Being part of Clerici Tessuto group means that BROCHIER have the choice of raw materials, and the weaving and printing of fabrics. The French manufacturer has the opportunity to answer its customer requests promptly, maintain the quality of its product and processes along production, test weaving and printing techniques, and constantly renew and improve craftsmanship. 

BROCHIER offers clients a wide range of fabrics, colours and matchings: fine silks, large printed and jacquard fabrics, soft velvets, brocades and damasks, made of natural fibres or special technical yarns such as Trevira CS.

This year, BROCHIER released a new range of textiles representing the excellence of Italian high-end textile craftsmanship, combining the Clerici Tesstuo's savoir-faire and know-how with the research and experimentation of new fibres, processing techniques and patterns. What has come about, is an incredibly diverse FUTURA collection, and oozes sophistication and elegance. 

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FUTURA features luxurious jacquards made on various types of warps: from precious silk and wool, to high-performing nylon; elegant velvets made on antique artisan looms with shaded colourful warps; exclusive prints that reproduce beautiful drawings hand painted by the BROCHIER design team. Coordinated patterns and colours like cherry red, peacock green, cadet blue and mustard yellow dominate the fabrics of the collection. These all work perfectly together, offering options that only bring timeless elegance to any interior: from classic to contemporary. 

A significant part of the FUTURA collection features outdoor fabrics, with geometric patterns and marine themes. All coordinated with textural plains, and a wide variety of colour-ways. The softness and performance to light and weather of these outdoor fabrics, means you can introduce charm and elegance into your garden spaces, decks and pool areas. 

Explore the entire FUTURA collection at our Frewville Showroom today. And contact our showroom if you're looking to request cuttings from any of the BROCHIER's range. 


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Thursday, 25 April 2019