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New Arrivals at Greenfield & Hunter

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Over the past couple of weeks we have been inundated with beautiful new collections from European designers. From the breathtaking Sanderson new range Glasshouse, to this weeks arrivals from Manuel Canovas and Larson - we don't know which is our favourite as they're all unique and truly breathtaking. Discover more about these new arrivals...

Manuel Canovas

The latest collection from the French designer, combines wonderful colour-play with exciting prints and patterns. Taking inspiration from the artist Matisse, the collection picks up the same decorative register that infuses the artist's most beautiful and captivating paintings. The fabrics combine elements of modern, graphic and decorative elements, allowing a wide range of popular choices for any interior. A touch of ethnic appears in some of the floral motifs, along with a play of embroideries. Sophisticated and elegant plains enrich the collection further, adding a shimmering palette of colour.

A few of our favourites...

Annaa large scale woven Ikat design on an ivory cotton satin base cloth, inspired by the Afghanistan coat. Available in four colours, you can never go wrong with a beautiful Ikat. 

MathisInspired by the work of the French artist, this striking multi-coloured design features flowing geometric circles and lines and is woven on a coloured ground. 

ValbonneThis eye-catching embroidery, features a wonderful graphic diamond design. Available in four colours, it's a wonderful piece to make a central point within any interior. 

Untitled design 43

Left to right, Anna, Mathis, Valbonne


Larsen presents a range that takes inspiration from 'the secrets of living nature'. Exhibiting natural sophistication, and offering a hand-crafted look, the collection displays subtle and elegant earth and mineral tones within the designs. The use of linen offers attractive irregularities, surfaces with pronounced reliefs and a true simplicity. 

A few of our favourites:

HortaThis design is inspired by a hand-woven African document using a mix of different linen and cotton fibres, to add a beautiful textured effect. This print is available in four colours.

JonesThis small-scale geometric pattern, with a tone-on-tone look, contrasts matte and shiny yarns to great advantage. Available in sixteen sophisticated colours.

ReyesA simple geometric embroidered on a rustic ground. Available in three earth and mineral colours. 

Untitled design 44Left to right, Horta, Reyes, Jones

For more information on these new releases, visit our Frewville showroom or email us. Our team are happy to discuss pricing, and arrange cuttings, samples or loans of the Larsen and Manual Canovas new collection.   


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Saturday, 28 March 2020