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New Arrivals at G&H!

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Discover the beautiful new arrivals at Greenfield & Hunter.

Portuguese designer Aldeco arrives...

This week we were excited to receive the breathtaking new designer brand AldecoThe Portuguese fabric house provides clients with a range of quality prints. Inspired by the world's heritage and cultures, the collections exude the passion and innovation of the designers. 

Their fabrics are elegant, functional, easy care and resistant. The wide variety of fabrics include silks, velvets, linens, chenilles, organzas, printed cottons, taffetas and blackouts provide clients a wonderful range of exceptional options. They also have technical fabrics, such as TREVIRA CS, Fire Retardant, Teflon (waterproof) and Anti-Stain.

Camengo's latest release enchants

Camengo offers a huge range of inspirational collections, bursting with character and flavour. Made in France, the breathtaking prints add a sense of flavour and excitement to interiors. 

Camengo releases beautiful new fabrics as part of their 'La Vie et Belle' collection. Rich in colours, carefree, pulsating with positive energy, Camengo's latest collections will radiate a sense of happiness within your interiors. Inspiration is drawn from the purity of spring and summer, breath-taking destinations and the desire to indulge oneself with warmth and generosity. 

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Thibaut has arrived!

Thibaut releases Modern Resourcesa perfect combination of luxury and sophistication for your interiors. Featuring contemporary designs that create mood and atmosphere, Modern Resources includes linear, yet organic elements, that radiate an impression of style and elegance. Bold abstract designs are complemented by calming, tranquil patterns, the collection displays a range of possibilities for decorating your walls. In traditional Thibaut fashion, geometric wallpaper designs feature heavily, along with patterns that mix the interplay of lines and geometrics across eleven designs. 

The collection also contains impressive paper-weave constructed wallpapers that create interesting texture and depth to an interior space. The entire range embody endless inspiration for chic interiors.

Untitled design 2019 05 02T133507.467 

For more information on the new arrivals at our Frewville Showroom, or to learn more about prices, contact out Greenfield & Hunter team. 


New Arrivals at G&H
Thibaut's latest collection, Modern Resources


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