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More New Arrivals at G&H

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Besides the exciting arrival of Cromwell, G&H have recieved numerous new collections from leading European fabric houses. Explore the new arrivals available at our Frewville showroom today.

Zoffany, Icons Fabrics

Celebrating the exceptional design influences of recent years, Zoffany's Icons features standout weaves, embroideries and prints, representing an array of cultures and eras. The eleven fabrics have been curated for their individual merit and culminate to a wonderful range of exceptional prints. Hero designs from famous art houses in France, to Japanese artists and African prints, the collection is truly one-of-a-kind. 

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Distinctive new designs sit amongst the archive pieces from the Zoffany library, with fabulous representation of fabrics and master craftsmanship. With a keen eye for colour, Icons works seamlessly with all Zoffany Alchemy of Colour tones, from mineral subtleties of Quartz Grey & Zinc to the jewel like riches of Tiger's Eye and Lazuli. 

Our favourite picks from this collection...

Les Dames Charcoal: A spontaneous design with stunning movement, Les Dames is representative of an artists muse. Quick expressive brushstrokes showcase a classic beauty: pretty, elegant and captivating. 

London 1832 Silver: Taken from an original Zoffany archive design, what could be more iconic? Printed in England and capturing a moment in time, this design features inspirational landmarks and some of the capitals most famous roads.

Deco Deer Velvet Sahara: Taken from an original French print, Deco Deer from Zoffany represents an iconic period of design. Silhouetted shapes create a whimsical look, contrasting against richly coloured plain ground.

de Le Cuona, Wanderlust: Series 2

Considered the 'most luxurious fabrics available' the collection has been inspired by travel and noble fibres. The first fabrics in this collection focused on sumptuous textures created from the finest natural fibres of linen, alpaca, cashmere and silk. The second series, Bernie de Le Cuona introduced beautiful colours to new linen and silk. Rich shades are inspired by visits to the romantic city of Verona and a cooler, pared-down palette by the purity of Scandinavian landscape. 

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Our favourite picks...

Verona: A classic cloth with a hint of romance, this lustrous silk comes in six ethereal shades. A wonderful double-width fabric perfect for curtaining. 

Malmo: A relaxed, floppy upholstery linen fabric. Crafted from the finest flax grown in Belgium, and combined with viscose to bring strength and a feeling of softness to the cloth. 

Black Mountain: With elegant shades of black, a classic colour that never goes out of style. 

Phillip Jeffries, Shangri-La and Flight

Phillip Jeffries' latest release is described as a utopia of exotic inspirations. 'Traditional decorative Easter motifs merge with classic Western patterns to create a hideaway of idyllic beauty and tranquility'. These wallpapers are digitally printed on a variety of natural grounds, including Manila Hemp, Sateen Club, Stardust Silk along with a new Copper ground exclusive to Shangri-La.  

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Flight was inspired by original kimono embroidery, majestic cranes soaring from clouds. The incredibly range of imagery is digitally printed on a variety of natural grounds, including Glam Grass, Manila Hemp, Vinyl Metalworks along with Zen Washi. 

For more information on these new collections, visit our Frewville showroom. Clients are more than welcome to borrow books, order samples and can enquire about pricing. 

New Arrivals at G&H!
New Arrivals at Greenfield & Hunter


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Sunday, 29 March 2020