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Murals Make a Comeback!

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Have you considered a mural for your next feature wall?

Greenfield & Hunter have a wide range of breathtaking designers who incorporate works of art into magnificent wallpapers. Discover these designers and their impressive collection of murals at our Greenfield & Hunter showroom - and fall in love with the intricate detail...

Iksel Decorative Arts

Iskel creates a range of images working with a large team of painters and skilled craftsmen. They are the first company to transform hand painted material into a new form: Digital Media, not in order to reproduce but to create new imagery in a convincingly hand painted quality. The range on offer is truly beautiful, with depictions of a wide variety of scenes, people, stories and history captured.

Untitled design 14

Above: Iskel Decorative Arts

Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin's collaboration with Kit Kemp has lead to a variety of beautiful wallpapers and fabrics inspired by the travels of the designer. In their latest collection, Kemp created a wallpaper called Mythical Land, which takes inspiration from American folk art, telling an enchanting story; as you  walk through a magical world, with a lively river, wild flowers and a collection of mythical creatures. 

Untitled design 15

Above: Andrew Martin


As part of their new collection Darnley, Zoffany recreated the world of country houses, having visited England's most revered stately homes to embody each and every creation. The fabulous personalities of the home owners translated into decadent collection of wallpapers. Inspired by the elegance of the homes, Zoffany created the Stand Wood wallpaper. In collaboration with renowned mural artist, Melissa White, the feel of an aged artwork, signature strokes adds interest and beauty to this mythical story.

Untitled design 16

Above: Zoffany

Phillip Jeffries

Having been introduced to the Greenfield & Hunter showroom earlier this year, Phillip Jeffries wonderful range of wallpapers has proved a popular hit with many clients. As you enter his world you're instantly inspired by the magnificent use of colours, textures and imagination, all of which combine to create a breathtaking mural. A variety of images are created from abstract, to botanical and chinoiserie. 

Untitled design 17Above: Phillip Jeffries 

For more information on these collections, or to request cuttings, please contact our Greenfield & Hunter team. Or visit our showroom to see these for yourself! 


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