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Morris & Co by H&M

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Coming off the success of a previous collaboration with GP & J Baker, H&M are continuing their works with British interior icons. After a year in the works, the Swedish retailer are launching works with Morris & Co; the heritage print and fabric brand known across the world, William Morris. 

"Nature, style and time combine in our collaboration with Morris & Co, the iconic British wallpaper & fabrics brand. Get lost in a world of exquisite original patterns and modern tributes to the work of William Morris, one of the nineteenth century's most celebrated designers."

It's this iconic nature that has allowed this collaboration to be popular amongst all ages. As some of Morris's most recognised and loved around the world, the designer was always a strong advocate of beautiful design.

The range uses some of Morris & Co's masterpieces including Love is Enough, Lily Leaf, Marigold and Pimpernel - all brought to life through wool blends, velvet and fluid fabrics, and include a range of on-trend details like tie-necks, voluminous sleeves, knife pleats and ruffles. Almost all the prints featured within H&M's collection date back to the late 1800's, with all serving an inspiration for generations of artists and designers - as evident through the collections popularity. 

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According to Claire Valis, creative director of Morris & Co, there's never been a time where the company's patterns "have been so popular". 

"There is an energy within Morris's patterns that seems to marry so well with the youthful energy of fashion," says Claire.

It took one year from conception to production, with both H&M and Morris & Co working hand in hand to develop these designs. All the while ensuring the authenticity of Morris's original creations was seamlessly represented in the clothing created. 

G&H are excited to offer William Morris's wonderful collection of timeless fabrics. The Morris & Co brand brings new life to these exceptional fabrics and wallpapers, and we're eager to see the H&M arrivals when they open their doors in Adelaide in the coming weeks.

For more information on the H&M collaboration click here. To learn more about our William Morris range, visit our Frewville showroom or contact our G&H team.

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Saturday, 28 March 2020