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Filippo Uecher: Fine Natural Fabrics

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Filippo Uecher's appreciation for natural fibre fabrics stemed from the desire to join the family business after being trained at the Textile School of Biella. Using the love and appreciation Uecher has developed from fields of linen in Normandy, and with a background in weaving, he sought to transform what nature offers into something amazing. 

In the latest collection Filippo Uecher combined natural fibres and high quality yarns to create sophistacted fabrics for elegant furnishings. Skillful weaving, produced by the renowned craftsmanship artists of Biella, only enhances the beauty and simplicity of pure linen and wool. 

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With designs that are unmistakingly Italian, Filippo Uecher's weaves offer colours that give a sense of harmony and warmth to a home. And soft to the touch, the fabrics evoke a sense of calmness - transporting you to a quintessential Tuscan home. 

Within the Filippo Uecher's Leonardo Da Vinci Collection, there are intensive weaves, portraying texture, and a mix of warm hues. The collection features an array of patterns, suitable for any home - whether you're looking for something soft to the touch, or versatile - there's something for everyone.

Contact our Frewville showroom for more information about Filippo Uecher's 'Leonardo Da Vinci Collection'. Our team are more than happy to organise samples and quotes. 

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Tuesday, 26 March 2019