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Création Baumann presents functional textiles: GLARE & HEAT

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In a modern world, energy efficiency is one of the biggest challenges. Today, it's a matter of using and controlling day light to the best possible advantage to protext interiors against over-heating.  

Founded in 1886, Création Baumann is an iconic designer in the world of textiles. Remaining as an independent family-run business focusing on long-term objectives, Création Baumann's product range comprises of over 6,000 articles and produce their range in Switzerland.

Création Baumann present a new range of fabrics that are specially tested, metallised textiles that generate ideal light and energy transmission. With the idea of office space in mind, Création Baumann introduced a variety with over 140 fabrics, providing comprehensive, future-proof options for glare and heat protection. Their wide range of functional textiles, with a width of up to 300cm and different transparencies, looks, textures and colours, this entire collection is a milestone for Création Baumann. REFLECTACOUSTIC is a multi-talented fabric in aluminium-metallised yarn, which regulates not only light and heat, but also acoustics.

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This collection was developed to be as effective and flexible as necessary, to moderate direct light and climate in a room. They can be used as visual, glare, heat and UV protection all at once and improve the indoor climate. These fabrics pleasantly dim the light, providing an uninterrupted visual connection to the outside world, preventing glare, mirroring, and reflections in the presence of strong, direct fall of light. These fabrics create the perfect balance between the inside and outside, an ideal medium for the indoor-outdoor lifestyle we're so familiar with. 

"When the interior and exterior of an open architecture merge, textiles contribute to creating an atmosphere and a sense of well-being," Crèation Baumann.

Wondering how technology comes into play? Aluminium, steel, brass or copper are applied onto the fabrics back, and with an additional finish, the fabrics are more resistant against water stains, vapour, corrosion and contamination. Extensive testing and assessing of qualities and colours is performed in compliance with standardised procedures to ensure these fabrics are up to scratch.  

Roller blinds, panel curtains, vertical blinds, Roman blinders or curtain rails, wherever there is light Création Baumann offers a solution that'll fit your style and need.  

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Tuesday, 26 March 2019