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Unique Fabrics visited G&H!

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This week at G&H we were lucky enough to have Cameron from Unique Fabrics (Victoria) present the brand new Carlucci collection.

Having been influenced by social media personalities, bloggers, vloggers and creative geniuses, Carlucci saw originality in social media and influential instagramer's ideas and creations. 

In their latest release, Influences there was an inspirational mix of ideas and motifs from three countries and epochs: Italian fashion, mid century European interior design and Chinoiserie.

Inspirations for the designs was found in the 16th century Chinoiserie and Japanese art, but also in Renaissance Italy and mid century European interior design. These influences created a juxtaposition of patterns, colours and textures. Influences showcases black and white designs, as they can be combined perfectly with bold colours and eccentric patterns.  

G&H hosted a collection of interior designers, and Cameron introduced us to the Carlucci designs. 

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Cuttings are available for order now, and hangers will be in our showroom in the next couple of weeks.

For more information about the Influences collection, click here. Or to be part of our next presentation and hear first hand from sales professionals, email our team. We'll be welcoming Cameron back to our showroom in the next couple of months, so register today to stay in the loop! 

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Tuesday, 26 March 2019