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Flavour Paper for Arte: A new, interesting collection

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Arte International creates innovative and trend-setting high-end wall coverings for a variety of settings. A passionate designer and manufacturer of sophisticated wall coverings, Arte has been a prominent influencer of interiors for over 20 years. Blending perfectly with the most prestigious interiors, both in a cool or avant-garde way, or rather exclusive setting, their designs are elegant and timeless. 

The extensive range of designs have been used in both residential applications and in project designs, with many standing in awe at that atmosphere and elegance these designs add to settings. 

In their latest release, Flavour Paper for Arteis a collection of audacious wallpapers made in collaboration with the US company Flavour Paper, and wallpaper manufacturer, Arte. Flavour Paper is an American company based in the creative heart of Brooklyn, New York. Thriving on extravagant design and a bold attitude, Flavour Paper brought a unique collaborative element to Arte. 

The synergy between Flavour Paper and Arte saw the creation of a truly unique and captivating collection. These extravagant wallpapers will never get boring, with classic elements and bold colours stealing the spotlight and creating a range of wallpapers unlike any other we've seen. Inspired by various movements and social trends, from pop art to Van Gogh and classical floral prints, there's an array of surprising yet exciting wallpapers. 

blog 102F5

Each design is unique and interesting, making you double take on what's been included. The use of wild, innate objects creates unusual combinations. But the craftsmanship and use of colours creates an amazing collection unlike anything we've seen before. 

For more information on Flavour Pop for Art contact our showroom - our team are always eager to help with cuttings or pricing. Or to explore the range within this collection, visit the website and start exploring! 

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New Collection by Zimmer + Rohde, Destinations

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Zimmer + Rohde represents a modern classic fabric house. Their collections include carefully coordinated colours, subtly combined designs, and encompass a timeless elegance. Having been in the industry for over a century, Zimmer + Rohde, is a family run leading textile manufacturer in Europe. Their products are available in 50 countries, exporting over 80 per cent of its range internationally. It's establishment in 1899, speaks true to the decades of tradition, experience and exclusivity embodied in the designs presented today. Looking for the best materials and ideal implementation of ideas, Zimmer + Rohde are constantly collaborating with weaving mills and printers all over the world. 

"The design possibilities for velvet and silk, cotton or linen, brocade and velour are so inexhaustible that every beautiful fabric, produced with care and love, appears before me as a unique and unmistabeable creation," Andreas Zimmer. 

In their latest release, Destinations chronicles the fascination of travel. In the creation of this collection, Zimmer + Rohde, set off on an expedition around the globe to discover the amazing variety of different places and cultures on our planet. Explore the development of the Destinations collection below in this beautiful video. 

Destinations saw Zimmer + Rohde draw inspiration from exotic colour combinations and unusual shapes, all of which shed light on the old and familiar. This collection allows you to travel the world and admire its wonders from the comfort of your own home. The new spring collection combines colours, patterns and handcrafting techniques from across the globe. Some of the fabrics within the collection are designed using high-resolution digital printing technology, whilst others boast original handcrafted looks. 

Each fabric within the collection pays homage to the global wanderings of Zimmer + Rohde. They are a valuable souvenir that harmoniously blends into the rooms of your home. If you're looking for specific information about fabric ranges, click here. The entire Destinations collection is available at our Frewville showroom. Email our team to request cuttings or to discuss prices. 


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New Harlequin Collection: Paloma

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Specialising in cutting-edge design, and with a comprehensive portfolio of beautiful fabrics and wallpapers, Harlequin offer clients an array of prints and weaves. Dazzlings designs, with a comprehensive collection of colour-ways and textures, Harlequin's creations have stood the test of time. As fashion trends have changed, Harlequin's designs have remained timeless and elegant. As a premier destination for innovative textures and colour-ways, Harlequin is one of the most popular brands at G&H, and has been for years. 

In their latest release, the Harlequin studio took inspiration from current fashion trends, with the combination of softness and fluidity of modern lace with angularity of architecture. The two popular concepts have been interpreted to create a classic, versatile and highly usable collection - whilst still maintaining Harlequin's 'edginess' and contemporary, modern appeal. 

The new Harlequin Palomais described as 'the epitome of quiet glamour'. These wallpapers and fabrics are inspired by ornamental architectural shapes and organic natural forms. This collection is a follow-on from the popular Purity range, and features elegant motifs within a tranquil, calming palette. It's not all soft hues and colourways that dominate this Paloma collection, there are highlights of silver and gold, beads and sequins; all of which add a seductive and glamorous twist to this enticing range. 

blog 272F4 101

There's a mixture of on-trend colour palettes, including; neutral and grey tones; powder blue; rose gold and pearl and some beautiful soft greys. Adding extra dimensions and texture to the wallpapers is the interplay of matte and shine. Sophisticated and elegantly crafted, the collection was designed to be competitively priced. 

The Paloma wallpapers and fabrics are now available at our Frewville showroom. Contact our team if you'd like to request cuttings, or to order any of the range. 

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New Collection by BROCHIER

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BROCHIER is a well-known producer of interior decoration fabrics, responsible for the manufacturing of sophisticated, elegant and quality yarns. Beginning in the 900's in France, and later acquired by Clerici Tessuto S.p.A in 2007, BROCHIER has only grown in prominence and influence. Being part of Clerici Tessuto group means that BROCHIER have the choice of raw materials, and the weaving and printing of fabrics. The French manufacturer has the opportunity to answer its customer requests promptly, maintain the quality of its product and processes along production, test weaving and printing techniques, and constantly renew and improve craftsmanship. 

BROCHIER offers clients a wide range of fabrics, colours and matchings: fine silks, large printed and jacquard fabrics, soft velvets, brocades and damasks, made of natural fibres or special technical yarns such as Trevira CS.

This year, BROCHIER released a new range of textiles representing the excellence of Italian high-end textile craftsmanship, combining the Clerici Tesstuo's savoir-faire and know-how with the research and experimentation of new fibres, processing techniques and patterns. What has come about, is an incredibly diverse FUTURA collection, and oozes sophistication and elegance. 

Email 202F4 GH

FUTURA features luxurious jacquards made on various types of warps: from precious silk and wool, to high-performing nylon; elegant velvets made on antique artisan looms with shaded colourful warps; exclusive prints that reproduce beautiful drawings hand painted by the BROCHIER design team. Coordinated patterns and colours like cherry red, peacock green, cadet blue and mustard yellow dominate the fabrics of the collection. These all work perfectly together, offering options that only bring timeless elegance to any interior: from classic to contemporary. 

A significant part of the FUTURA collection features outdoor fabrics, with geometric patterns and marine themes. All coordinated with textural plains, and a wide variety of colour-ways. The softness and performance to light and weather of these outdoor fabrics, means you can introduce charm and elegance into your garden spaces, decks and pool areas. 

Explore the entire FUTURA collection at our Frewville Showroom today. And contact our showroom if you're looking to request cuttings from any of the BROCHIER's range. 


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Filippo Uecher: Fine Natural Fabrics

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Filippo Uecher's appreciation for natural fibre fabrics stemed from the desire to join the family business after being trained at the Textile School of Biella. Using the love and appreciation Uecher has developed from fields of linen in Normandy, and with a background in weaving, he sought to transform what nature offers into something amazing. 

In the latest collection Filippo Uecher combined natural fibres and high quality yarns to create sophistacted fabrics for elegant furnishings. Skillful weaving, produced by the renowned craftsmanship artists of Biella, only enhances the beauty and simplicity of pure linen and wool. 

Blog 132F4 GH

With designs that are unmistakingly Italian, Filippo Uecher's weaves offer colours that give a sense of harmony and warmth to a home. And soft to the touch, the fabrics evoke a sense of calmness - transporting you to a quintessential Tuscan home. 

Within the Filippo Uecher's Leonardo Da Vinci Collection, there are intensive weaves, portraying texture, and a mix of warm hues. The collection features an array of patterns, suitable for any home - whether you're looking for something soft to the touch, or versatile - there's something for everyone.

Contact our Frewville showroom for more information about Filippo Uecher's 'Leonardo Da Vinci Collection'. Our team are more than happy to organise samples and quotes. 

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Unique Fabrics visited G&H!

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This week at G&H we were lucky enough to have Cameron from Unique Fabrics (Victoria) present the brand new Carlucci collection.

Having been influenced by social media personalities, bloggers, vloggers and creative geniuses, Carlucci saw originality in social media and influential instagramer's ideas and creations. 

In their latest release, Influences there was an inspirational mix of ideas and motifs from three countries and epochs: Italian fashion, mid century European interior design and Chinoiserie.

Inspirations for the designs was found in the 16th century Chinoiserie and Japanese art, but also in Renaissance Italy and mid century European interior design. These influences created a juxtaposition of patterns, colours and textures. Influences showcases black and white designs, as they can be combined perfectly with bold colours and eccentric patterns.  

G&H hosted a collection of interior designers, and Cameron introduced us to the Carlucci designs. 

Blog 62F4 GH

Cuttings are available for order now, and hangers will be in our showroom in the next couple of weeks.

For more information about the Influences collection, click here. Or to be part of our next presentation and hear first hand from sales professionals, email our team. We'll be welcoming Cameron back to our showroom in the next couple of months, so register today to stay in the loop! 

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Création Baumann presents functional textiles: GLARE & HEAT

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In a modern world, energy efficiency is one of the biggest challenges. Today, it's a matter of using and controlling day light to the best possible advantage to protext interiors against over-heating.  

Founded in 1886, Création Baumann is an iconic designer in the world of textiles. Remaining as an independent family-run business focusing on long-term objectives, Création Baumann's product range comprises of over 6,000 articles and produce their range in Switzerland.

Création Baumann present a new range of fabrics that are specially tested, metallised textiles that generate ideal light and energy transmission. With the idea of office space in mind, Création Baumann introduced a variety with over 140 fabrics, providing comprehensive, future-proof options for glare and heat protection. Their wide range of functional textiles, with a width of up to 300cm and different transparencies, looks, textures and colours, this entire collection is a milestone for Création Baumann. REFLECTACOUSTIC is a multi-talented fabric in aluminium-metallised yarn, which regulates not only light and heat, but also acoustics.

Blog 222F3 GH

This collection was developed to be as effective and flexible as necessary, to moderate direct light and climate in a room. They can be used as visual, glare, heat and UV protection all at once and improve the indoor climate. These fabrics pleasantly dim the light, providing an uninterrupted visual connection to the outside world, preventing glare, mirroring, and reflections in the presence of strong, direct fall of light. These fabrics create the perfect balance between the inside and outside, an ideal medium for the indoor-outdoor lifestyle we're so familiar with. 

"When the interior and exterior of an open architecture merge, textiles contribute to creating an atmosphere and a sense of well-being," Crèation Baumann.

Wondering how technology comes into play? Aluminium, steel, brass or copper are applied onto the fabrics back, and with an additional finish, the fabrics are more resistant against water stains, vapour, corrosion and contamination. Extensive testing and assessing of qualities and colours is performed in compliance with standardised procedures to ensure these fabrics are up to scratch.  

Roller blinds, panel curtains, vertical blinds, Roman blinders or curtain rails, wherever there is light Création Baumann offers a solution that'll fit your style and need.  

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Introducing Design Heure's Latest Collection

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Established in 2005, Design Heure creates contemporary lighting, all designed and manufactured in France. Crafting timeless and high end lighting solutions, Design Heure seeks to embody the essence of French elegance and luxury.  

Their long-term commitment to launching new collections shows their disire to design flexibility, versatility and creating adjustable products for all clients. Their designs are iconic, diverging from minimalist, abstract designs. 

As part of their recently launched collection, Mozaik, these beautifully designed lighting features that capture the essence of Design Heure's artistic approach to light. 

Designed by renowned lighting artist Davide Oppizzi, the latest Design Heure collection brings to life his emotional vision of the material and immaterial world. He's been commissioned to work with worldwide brands Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Graff, and crafted features that reflected the deep link between the Human Being and surrounding Nature. 

In Oppizzi's Mozaik collection for Design Heure, the inspiration behind these statement pieces comes from 'the concept of mosaics and its geometric shapes... creating a luminous surface falling like a rain of meteorites...'. This new collection resumes the infinite possibilities of finishes, and offers fabric and textile cord, along with graphic and customisable lighting panels sculpting the space in an elegant and unique way. 

design heures new collection mosaic

It's an architectural and modulable collection designed to provide structure in the space. Design Heure also discussed the desire to create a luminous surface, cutting the space and not just bringing a luminous point. 

Design Heure pride themselves of their careful production methods, with each piece assembled and rigorously quality-checked in the workshop in France. Although each creations seems delicate, these are tested to stand the test of time and bring light into your home in the most creative and impressive way.

For more information on the new collection, please contact our Frewville showroom. 

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New Élitis Collections

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Élitis explore the patterns and textiles in the craftsmanship of their latest collections, Domino and Costa Verde.

Costa Verde combines ennobled raw materials and weaves abaca, wood, paper and silk thread with strips of mother-of-pearl and metallic thread. It embodies and unleashes hilly landscapes covered in virgin forest; forgotten fishing villages which rub shoulders with the vestiges of colonial splendour. 

One of the designs, Nacre Vichy (RM 675), is composed of 90% mother-of-pearl and 10% paper. With a wide-width, this Élitis wallpaper creates a presence within a room that is unlike any other. The mother-of-pearl offers a reflective surface, creating light in an otherwise possibly darker room (see above). Within this design there are seven designs, each with a unique colour composition and ideal for any interior setting. 

Elitis Collection 2018 (2).jpg

Within the Costa Verde collection, the materials used are all very obvious. The nature of their composition means that the wallpapers are interesting upon application. One of the most unique designs is Estancia (RM 679) which is composed of 47% multicoloured silk yarn, 38% paper and 15% nylon on a non-woven backing. The strands of silk warn add a texture to the wall unlike any that we've seen before. It's an interesting option and in situ beautiful and eye-catching (see below).

Estancia Élitis

If you're looking for something a little more natural in appearance, or lighter, the Domino collection revisits geometric and figurative motifs. This range is 100% woven, and shows an array of sketched assemblages on paper, printed to the sheet. 

A wild step away from the previously discussed wallpapers from Costa Verde, Domino is a more traditional wallpaper, European in style and design. Some are more colourful, whilst otherwise are subtle in their combination of geometric designs and hues (see below). 

Domino Collection Élitis These collections, and so many more are now available to borrow at G&H. Please contact our showroom if you require any more information or are interested in any specific designs. 

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The New Métaphores Collection

New catalogue 16

Créations Métaphores is a supplier of high-end soft furnishings, with three distinct and unique labels; Métaphores, Verel de Belval and Le Crin. Each brand idenitifies with a specific trend; Métaphores, represents contemporary inspiration, Verel de Belval the prestigious reputation of Lyon silk trades, and Le Crin, exceptional materials and expertise. Combining these three, offers a sophisticated range of complementary and innovative textiles and fabrics. It offers professionals, decorators, upholsterers or architects a wide array of possible style combinations; colour co-ordination, bold materials and patterns and a mix of classic and contemporary. 

This week, Greenfield & Hunter focus on the new Métaphores collection which features a mix of modern emotions and trends; placing sensuality, striking colours and noble materials to create heartfelt creations. As each collection is launched, Métaphores seeks to bring sensations, fabrics and colours into play, and boldy renew weaving techniques and associations of textures. 

New catalogue 3

In their new collection, Métaphores explore the effects of velvet, and the way in which it can be worked-on with a complex technique of embroidery (see above). Aloe is described as "a design in relief which wonderfully captures light". It's beautiful for chairs, and it sublimates their shapes, but also ideal for creating headboards and evoking those contemporary vibes. 

This interesting velvet isn't the only beautiful and intriguing new addition to the Métaphores range. The Luxor (see below), plays between mat and glossy, and is a double linen and silk weft with two cotton warps. The weaving technique gives an exceptional fluffiness and depth that magnifies the geometrical design. Partnered with bold colours and other patterns, this Luxor is the perfect combination of Orient and the West, with its refined contrasts. 

New catalogue (4).png

And just because patterns are always an exciting alternative, Métaphores explores the possibilities of Amazonie velvet and geometric designs in the print Khartoum. This new printing technique is reminiscent of marqueterie, "stimulating the imagination". Métaphores allows us to be inspired by the motives (pictured below), evoking the columns and rosettes of "the most beautiful Sudanese temples". 

New catalogue (5).png

These three new Métaphores fabrics aren't the only ones that have arrived at our Greenfield & Hunter showroom. We've got a whole new range available for ordering! Don't hesitate to contact our showroom and request your sample today! 

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South Pacific Fabrics: Exploring their range

New catalogue 16

South Pacific Fabrics is an Australian, family-owned and operated wholesaler of world-class textiles, wall coverings, trimmings, furniture, lighting and accessories. Representing internationally renowned brands, South Pacific provide an extensive range to service architects, designers, decorators and manufactures within the retail and commercial markets. And this week, Greenfield & Hunter decided to showcase a few of the brands supplied through South Pacific Fabrics.


Being one of the most iconic design-houses, Hermès has never ceased to impress within the fashion industry. And now, within the interior-design industry. Their offerings are both wide and luxurious.

New catalogue.jpg

Many of the patterns explored within their wallpaper collection and reminiscent of their scarves. Inspiration was drawn from cherished themes within the designers portfolio: horse, travel and fantasy. They ultimately revolve around three families, the illustrative, the graphic and the plains and semi-plains. 

Jean-Paul Gaultier

The Jean-Paul Gaultier collection for Lelièvre plays with 'evolving creativity and signature codes'. His vision of nature is seen to be alternative, inverted, oxidised but extremely pure. Haute couture and interior design has come together for this range, with the transformation of designer into interior decorations. 

New catalogue (1).jpg

As part of the Voyages Voyages collection, Gaultier explores the idea of 'patterns from the other side of the world or the garden, Voyages Voyages is a collection that brings together, sometimes matches, always intertwines, parts of lives and dreams'. Fabrics aren't the only feature of Gaultier for Lelièvre, with wallpapers also being a key staple to his interior portfolio. 

Timorous Beasties

Renowned for their surreal and provocative textiles and wallpapers, Timorous Beasties, was founded in Glasgow in 1990 by Alistair McAuley and Paul Simmons. All design work continues to take place at the Glasgow Studio, where they handprint many of their fabrics and wallpaper collections. Their experimental approach and investment in new equipment and technology has allowed them to expand into other product areas including lace, jacquards, lighting, rugs and ceramics. 

New catalogue (1).png

The unique composition and graphics, in particular heavily illustrated insects, plants, birds and other animals, used make Timorous Beasties versatile and appropriate for both residential and commercial settings.  

 For more information on the Hermès, Jean-Paul Gaultier or Timorous Beasties collections as part of our South Pacific Fabrics range, contact our showroom today. 

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Unique Fabrics: Our Best Sellers

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Unique fabrics was founded in 1986, with the philosophy of providing fabrics with leading-edge and high quality finishes along with exceptional service. Their range of collections encompasses diverse textiles, from linens, classic prints, damasks, checks, stripes, velvet and leather - for both commercial and residential. Besides their own name-brand, Unique are exclusive distributers of international design labels, such as Zimmer + Rohde, Andrew Martin, Chivasso, Carlucci, Houlès and Arte International. 

Greenfield & Hunter is Unique Agencies Adelaide showroom, and amongst our diverse range of products, you'll find the entire Unique collection and their international collaborations. Being one of our biggest sellers, G&H love the price point and quality that Unique Fabrics have. 

One of our favourite fabrics, and go-to's for clients is the Velluto Di Cotone, from the Italian Touch collection by Carlucci (Unique By Carlucci). Italy's rich design and textile heritage was the inspiration behind the collection, with the collection featuring luxurious and eclectic fabrics inspired by the iconic country. Velluto Di Cotone is one of our most popular and in-demand velvets, since it's stain repellent, water resistant and 100,000 Martindale Rubs. This particular velvet isn't the only one, the City Velvet from the Unique by Chivasso range features an array of colours. Described as a matte velvet, the City Velvet is again stain and water repellent, and competitive at its price point. It's another one of our go-to's, and popular as ever for the range of hues. 

unique fabric best sellers.jpg

Besides the beautiful velvets available, is the Hot Madison Reloaded from the Unique by Chivasso. Perfect for general contract, drapery and accessories, this fabric is both affordable and diverse in its use. Being 63% cotton and 37% linen, Hot Madison Reloaded is an ideal cloth with the colour range to suit any interior. The 'Pieces of my Heart' collection is a 'soulful and heartfelt tribute to Chivasso's passion for textiles and their innovative approach to design'. Within the collection are edgy fabrics and bold, progressive looks, with Hot Madison Reloaded being the base for the textile combinations. 

A range that's a little different is the Unique Matelasse collection, comprising of four designs, a chevron, an ottoman rib, an ikat and a honeycomb (see below). The Chevron, 'stitched,' is available in 12 on-trend colours, from charcoal grey to soft pink and black. Whilst the other three, Matelasse Ikat, Reflection and Ruffled come in the classic colours of Snow, Ivory, Parchment, Silver and the watery colour called Whisp. These designs are approximatley 277cm wide, ideal for the top-of-the-bed and drapery uses. Another pocket-friendly Unique fabric, the Matelasse range is perfect for decorative domestic uses, drapery and accessories.  

For more information on whether these fabrics are right for your next project, to borrow the collections, or if you'd like to order a sample, contact our showroom today. 

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Spotlight on: Scion

Untitled design.png

Launched in 2012, Scion is part of the Harlequin family, most known for its bold and unique colour and design aesthetics.

Filling a gap in the market, for 'fresh, individual and reasonably priced home products' Scion launched fabrics, wallpapers and homewares. In order to expand their presence, Scion partnered with specialist manufacturers to create Scion designs on bed linen, rugs, towels, tableware and bathroom accessories. 

Their products are trend-savvy, designed with the fashion aware customer in mind; they're cutting-edge and accessibly priced. Forward-thinking designs make for an enduring appeal, and trends that never go our of fashion.

A British brand, with designers working from a studio in Leicestershire, Scion strive to work with sustainable and environmentally friendly factories; those they trust and and fulfil their commitments. 

Untitled design (1).png

Pictured above: Scion's new wallpaper collection, Neuvo. 

With the drop of their latest collection, Neuvo, Scion introduce us to a range of contemporary designs with Mexican and South American influence. With interlocking geometrics and block-colour motifs, Neuvo reflects a more 'on trend', urban aesthetics. Available in wallpapers and fabrics, this Nuevo collection is our summer favourite. 

So if you're looking for something a little colourful and bold for your interiors, this new Nuevo collection is ideal. 

For more information about the new wallpaper collection, contact our showroom today. We're happy to help out with questions and queries.  

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Spotlight on: Montique Furniture

New catalogue 16

From humble beginnings to renowned furniture manufacturers, Montique Exclusive Furniture exudes charm, character and timelessness. Beginning in Australia in 1942, under the name "Leichhardt Furniture Co" by G. Rumore and G. Monticciolo, the business was later renamed "Monticciolo Furniture PI".  It was in 1964 that present owner and manager Frank Monticciolo began his apprenticeship, and a mere four years later that saw the first arrival of Italian-made raw traditional chair frames. This arrival would see the furniture company head in a new direction.

In 1995, the established company renamed and was recognised as Montique Exclusive Furniture, and began servicing decorated, designer and retail giant David Jones. From 1942, Montique has strived to continue production within Australia, with all manufacturing, finishing and upholstery carried out by skilled trade personal in house at the Summer Hill establishment (in Sydney). Imported good are obviously manufactured abroad, generally from Italy, yet all are finished at this same location. 

Montique has created a name for itself in respect to quality, professionalism and style. Pieces are either traditional or contemporary, with the company allowing for exclusive commissions and creations if you've got your own idea in mind. No projects are too big or to small, with Montique extending itself to suit the customer's creative desires.

New catalogue 14

Our team at G&H love supporting both local and national design, manufacture and creative firms and encourage all readers to explore the possibilities with Montique Exclusive Furniture, whether it is through upholstery or manufacture. If you are after further information, please contact our showroom.


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Spotlight on: Enoki

New catalogue 12

Enoki Design describes themselves as 'a multi-disciplinary design firm specialising in Visual Communication and Interior Architecture - working with our clients to achieve outstanding results that leave the right impression'. And they couldn't be more right, as the firm won big in the 2017 Design Institute of Australia South Australia/Northern Territory Awards for Built Environment, Best Kitchen and Communication for four projects across South Australia. 

It's through their focus on creating coherent packages suited for the client's lifestyle, that have created a following for the Adelaide-based interior architects. These briefs are determined through conversations with clients, in order to ensure that its exactly what the client is after. 

A winner for Enoki was 'Adelaide Residence 4', which won Gold in the Built Environment category recent DIA SA/NT awards. This residence is luxurious to say the least; with finishes of gold, copper and bronze throughout the kitchen and bathroom. Marble is used in the kitchen, along with a simple colour palette of grey, brown and black to highlight the metallic finishes (see below). This abode is everything that one could want in a home, with a warm environment having been created by the Enoki team. 

New catalogue 11 

Besides interior architecture, Enoki are renowned for their light fittings which you may have seen at our Frewville showroom. The Cumulus Pendent, Cumulus Nude Pendent and Cumulus Floor Lamp, are statement pieces used throughout projects, in domestic and commercial settings. Recently the design firm has introduced a range of stools, the Bean Stool and Woof Stool, both with angular features.

For more information on their latest projects check out their website or to explore their range, contact our showroom today!

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Spotlight on: Ryan Genesin

New catalogue 10

Ryan Genesin, of Genesin Studios, is the designer responsible for some of Adelaide's most prominent and well-recognisable elements. Take for example the vivid front of Cibo on Hindley Street, those zebra stripes are a standout on the streetscape of the city.

Another one of Genesin's interesting collaborations is with restaurant, Antica Pizzeria e Cucina. Where with owner Anthony Crea, the pair created a modernist Italian restaurant inspired by the old gated laneways of Napoli which open up into hidden piazzas. When discussing this project, Genesin mentions the "inspiration was a response to the client's brief to create a modern Italian site for the city life". And with this in mind, Genesin certainly fulfilled the brief, with nominations for his work with Antica in both 2016 and 2017 from the Design Institute of Australia and the Australian Interior Design Awards. 

Most recently, in 2017, Genesin Studios, along with owner Ben Phan, was involved in the deck-out of the latest Vietnamese restaurant to open its doors in Adelaide, 'Viet Next Door'. Genesin drew inspiration from the Phan family's humble beginnings in Vietnam, where simple materials were used into practical details. When discussing the project, Ryan Genesin described "the need to express a new energy and a culinary maturity, at the same time offering a sense of the familiar, and thus creating an authentic cultural connection".

Ryan Genesin.jpg

Another feature of Genesin's work at 'Viet Next Door' worth mentioning is the consistent use of South Australian makers and materials. The custom-made brass and ceramic lights were designed and manufactured in collaboration with the Jam Factory Ceramicist Damon Moon, and Jeweller & Metalsmith Christian Hall. And the inlaid woven grass wallpaper, Stroheim Grass Weave (pictured below), sitting above the booths, that's from our team at Greenfield & Hunter!

Besides marvellous work throughout SA, Genesin Studio continues to thrive on the national design scene, with numerous awards over the years, and nine nominations in 2017 alone. 

With over 12 years industry experience, and numerous awards under his belt Ryan Genesin continues to maintain an active role in the Australian design scene. He often lectures and tutors at Swinburne University Melbourne and the University of South Australia, teaching Interior Architecture (in which he graduated from). 

As a business that's also actively involved in the South Australian design scene, we're thrilled to see one of our own doing so well on the national and international stage. We can't wait to see what else Ryan Genesin has in store. 

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New Ian Mankin Collection!

Iank Mankin collection.jpg

Over the past few weeks we've been getting deliveries of new product collections, and we're thrilled to now announce the arrival of Ian Mankin's Pattern Books. These are an extension of what has previously been released and showcase similar patterns with new, unique colour schemes.

These quintessentially British collections include colour co-ordinated fabrics, with Sage & Mint, Ivory & Natural, Peony & Pink, Blue & Navy and Charcoal & Grey. 

The ever-popular herringbone design Arran is now available in soft pink. This fabric is a 'soft and lustrous linen blended fabric'. This design is also incredibly versatile since it's reversible, increasing the ways in which it can be integrated into any scheme. The Arran design is available in colours like Peony, Natural, Flint, Charcoal, Sage and many more. Besides the popular Arran, there is a new Nairn check, a classic check fabric which features multiple coordinating hues. This fabric is durable and timeless, and is a unique way to inject colour, pattern and texture into any home.

And there are also multiple new versions of the Forfar stripe and the Perth weave; all now available in multiple colours. 

Besides the beautiful Ian Mankin additions, in previous weeks we have introduced the new Morris IV Collection and Lorenzo Castillo IV range - all now available at our Greenfield & Hunter showroom.

For more details on the Ian Mankin range, or the others mention, please contact our team.

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New Lighting Range from Bloomingdales

New Bloomingdales Catalogue

Last week, Greenfield & Hunter hosted a presentation and invited clients to view the brand new Visual Comfort Lighting Range by Bloomingdales. This range includes lighting by designers Kelly Wearstler, Ralph Lauren, Aerin and Kate Spade. After the successful showing, our team were eager to continue spreading the word, and encouraging clients to explore the wide range of lights available.

The materials within these collections reflect the mood, with contrasting textures and finishes that only enhance your beautiful living space. Each designer offers a unique variety of lighting with high quality finishes. Many including gilded plaster, alabaster, marble, aged iron, bronze, brushed nickle, timber, resin, crystal and many more. 

A favourite within the Comfort Lighting Range is lighting by renowned designer Kelly Wearstler. Known for her signiture style of raw, refined, sophisticated and spirited designs, Wearstler's lights are modern and contemporary, and use a colour palette of white, gold, brzone and brass. A few of the lights by Wearstler are pictured below...

Untitled design 3

For more information on the Visual Comfort Lighting Range, please contact our G&H team. Or search online using the Bloomingdales' website

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Morris & Co: New Collection

Morris + Co Banner.jpg

William Morris (1834-1896) is considered one of the greatest designers and prominant figures within the Arts and Craft Movement. Besides his influence in the arts, Morris was also a well-regarded poet, artist, philosopher, typographer and political theorist. From his humble beginnings at the decorating business Morris, Marshall, Faulkner and Co, he provided beautiful, handcrafted products and furnishings for the home. 

Best known for his wallpaper and fabric design, Morris & Co became a prominant print house over the next 150 years; only experiencing turbulence during the First and Second World Wars. 

Today, Morris & Co are part of the Sanderson family, and continues to be a house hold name. 

Having recently released the fourth volume of the successful Archive series, Morris & Co have delved into the influences of Persian carpets and global textiles. As part of the series, Purleigh Weaves is a rich compendium of upholstery weight fabrics inspired by Morris' love of the East and their craftsmanship. The Archive IV also includes The Collector Fabrics which feature eight unique fabrics across a mix of qualities and production techniques and is perfectly complemented by the Archive IV wallpapers and the Purleigh Waves. The Collector Wallpapers include eight superlative wallpaper designs which are complemented again by the eight unique fabrics and five upholstery fabrics across a mix of qualities and production techniques.

All of those included in the Archive IV collections represent Morris' "passion for understanding the craftsmanship of the past and the East...the collection includes adaptations of his stunning hand knotted carpets as well as Eastern textiles, found complementing Morris fabrics and wallpapers in the interiors of Standen and Wightwick Manor".

For more information on the new Morris & Co Archive IV, contact our team at G&H today

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de Le Cuona; Ethereal Elements

De la corna New Collection.jpg

A new collection of beautiful earth-toned fabrics are now available at our Frewville showroom, and are set to inspire your contemporary palette. 

From de Le Cuona, a new collection has arrived entitled Ethereal Elements which explores the beauty and rhythms of nature with a modern eye, evoking the elements and translating these into three new designs; Seahorse, Turtle Island and Shore.

Amongst the collection is Seahorse, a lightweight curtain fabric. This fabric has an allure, created by its looped surface, an allure achieved by the boucle yarn used to weave it. The light bounces off the fabric and plays on the loops to create the relaxed, ruffled texture. 

Shore is a versatile dense linen, which can be used for upholstery or curtaining and is available in a variety of natural and earthy tones. This fabric is woven with yarn in varied thicknesses and tones, with the texture reflecting the handwoven techniques. 

Turtle Island is as interesting as its name, and is a lightweight fabric perfect for curtaining. It's flowing nature is what makes this textile ideal for draping. Multiple colours are combined, woven together, to create a subtle pattern. 

These fabrics come from a wide range of de Le Cuona's textiles, all of which are harnessed and produced by the best International master weavers. 

For more information on the de Le Cuona Ethereal Elements collection, contact our G&H team today! 

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