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Unique Wallpapers for Interiors

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Are you looking for a wallpaper that is unique? Maybe you're after something with a classic, elegant print? Our Frewville Showroom offers clients an abundance of wallpapers that radiate colour, stories and interest. The Greenfield & Hunter team have put together a few of their favourite wallpapers, perfect for whatever your client is looking for!


Do you have a client who's after something a little different? Greenfield & Hunter have a range of awesome wallpapers from leading designers, all with a unique twist.

Flavor Paper, is a collaboration between two remarkable companies, Arte and Flavor Paper. They sought to create a collection of extravagant wallpaper that never gets boring. The range is truly unqiue, and takes the idea of wallpaper, and transforms it into art. The New York brand behind the design, reveal a bold attitude and are all made by hand. 

Copy of Copy of Copy of Untitled Design

Manual Canova, provides a wonderful range of bold designs that are chic, rich and boast striking harmonies of colour. Fabulous designs are inspired by journeys to exotic locations and rare archival documents.  

Copy of Copy of Copy of Untitled Design 2Traditional

A lot of the classic homes in Adelaide's leafy suburbs need traditional wallpapers. And we're certainly not short of beautiful wallpapers from leading European designers. From the iconic prints of William Morris, to Sanderson, English artists provide a wonderful perspective on the classic interiors. 

William Morristhe iconic Englishman, was one of the most outstanding and influential designers of the Arts and Crafts Movements. He was known for producing some of the most fashionable and exciting textiles and wallpapers of his era. Morris & Co, to this day, produce authentic versions of his original designs along with new interpretations to create up to date fabrics and wallpapers with timeless appeal.   

Copy of Copy of Copy of Untitled Design 3

Zoffanydesire and art fuse together in Zoffany's magnificent range of unique, captivating and effortlessly sophisticated range of wallpapers. The sophisticated approach draws inspiration from innovative technology, contemporary designs and Zoffany's own historical archive. These wallpapers provide a wonderful backdrop for interiors, whether it be modern or classical, the Zoffany range will bring elegance, artistry and authenticity. 

Copy of Copy of Copy of Untitled Design 4


Are you decorating an interior and looking for wallpaper that's elegant and sophisticated? Greenfield & Hunter's go-to designers for wonderful style and grace are Nina Campbell and Jane Churchill. 

Nina Campbell,  wallpapers from the leading designer combine inspiration from Italy, France and England with a design palette which enables you to marry designs from different collections. The elegant colour-ways ensure your interiors radiate elegance and sophistication. 

Copy of Copy of Copy of Untitled Design 5


Jane Churchill, discover the varied selection of elegant wallpapers suitable for any interior. The creation of unique masterpieces, making your house a home through elegance and sophistication. Eclectic colours  are used to find a magnificent combination of prints perfect for your interiors.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Untitled Design 6

Natural Elements

Osborne & Little, the new collection of O&L wallpapers, Folium, exhibits a collection of decorative wallpapers with a contemporary botanical theme. The wonderful wallpapers are true pieces of art and capture the raw beauty of Mother Nature. 

Copy of Copy of Copy of Untitled Design 7


Phillip Jeffries, American designer Phillip Jeffries introduces us to the magnificent concept of grass-weave wallpaper. The American designer also offers an incredible range of luxurious glass-cloths to performance vinyls, allowing you to bring Mother Nature into any interior setting.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Untitled Design 8

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New Arrivals at G&H

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Over the past couple of weeks Greenfield & Hunter have received a range of breathtaking new arrivals from leading designers. 

New Anna French, 'Savoy'

Anna French offers an array of bright and bold wallpapers that span over thirty years of artistic creation. The wallpaper designs of Anna French are a perfect mix of traditional with modern that create unique and eye-catching designs for interiors.  

Influenced by the modern elegance of the 1920's, Savoy is an exuberant collection of co-ordinating prints, wovens and wall-coverings that deftly combine the graphic geometry of Art Deco with exotic botanicals and organic elements. 

Copy of Copy of Untitled Design 1

This collection includes charming small-scale florals as well as dramatic geometrics and blooming Lotus and Iris florals in colour-ways inspired by the original document artwork. Savoy also includes gorgeous printed fabrics that reflect the elements within the wallpapers - winding garden paths and flowering bouquets. 

Cromwell Arrivals

This week Cromwell delivered some beautiful new arrivals, from gorgeous furniture to glassware and statues. The wonderful new range is set to be a sure-fire hit for interiors of any style. 

Copy of Copy of Untitled Design 4

These pieces are available to borrow. Contact our showroom for more details. 


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More New Arrivals at G&H

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New Arrivals from Bloomingdales, Visual Comfort

Bloomingdales offers clients an exciting new range of lighting options from their Visual Comfort collection. Following inspiration from Spring High Point Market, the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world, and working with leading American Interior Designer Erinn Valencich, this collection is truly unique. Two trends heavily featured include...


Hand forged, brushed, beaten, rubbed, rough and weathered surfaces present a bold new design style. This finish leaves the lights raw and textured, with deliberate imperfections. 

The new pieces with these incredible aesthetics will be available at our Frewville showroom over the coming weeks. To view the range beforehand, visit Bloomingdales. For more information or pricing, contact our G&H team. 

Mixing Metals

Extending the brutalised trend, mixing metal combines two or more types of metals and finishes. Metal work can be beaten or stippled, burnished or polished, with rich and varied tones producing a glowing effect. 


Finishing Touches with Cromwell

Established in 1964, Cromwell have been importing and wholesaling some of the world's finest products to the Interior Design and Decoration industry. They have an absolutely exquisite range of high quality furniture, overhead lighting, mirrors, lamp-bases and interior accessories. 

The family-owned and operated company offer a range unlike any other available in Australia. Their range of beautiful brass statues and sculptures are the finishing touch to any interior, and are proving a popular choice with many of our clients. 

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Modern Acrobat Sculpture

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Reaching For Centre Sculpture

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Climbing Man - Table Top

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 Climbing Man - Wall Mounted

Discover this beautiful range of statues and sculptures in our Frewville showroom. With good stock of all, Cromwell assure clients that delivery is quick. Many are available for viewing at our Greenfield & Hunter showroom. For information on pricing, contact our G&H team


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New Arrivals at G&H

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This week Greenfield & Hunter have received beautiful new arrivals from some of our favourite brands. 

The Design Archives latest release 'The Jewel Collection' is inspired by the designers extensive range of historic fabrics. The collection is beautifully coloured, a treasure trove of jewels from rich Ruby red to elegant Opal. Printed on a choice of sumptuous shimmering velvet, a classical linen and an elegant cotton satin - all produced in the UK.  

Untitled design 2019 06 21T121304.435

Armadour, pictured above, is an archival piece from the Parisian studio 'Atelier' - an elegant and inspiring traditional large scale floral bouquet. Shimmering with seasonal rich and tasteful colours, creating a dramatic and sophisticated addition to any room. 

Also arriving recently at our showroom was Houl├ęs' latest FabricGuard Collection. The FabricGuard technology is a STAIN-FREE treatment, permanent and high performing. It gives furnishing fabrics a high degree of resistant against everyday stains. From pen, to coffee and ketchup, these stains can be easily removed with water or a little mild soap. These fabrics are easy to maintain, keeping sofas and armchairs looking amazing year after year. 

Untitled design 2019 06 21T124640.602

Morris & Co have also recently released a range of spectacular fabrics inspired by May Morris, daughter of William Morris. 

May Morris is one of English embroidery's most influential and pioneering figures. This latest collection features seven embroideries, seven prints and 10 wallpapers, each playing homage to the exceptional stitching abilities of May Morris, her colleagues and friends. 

Untitled design 2019 06 21T125000.784

For more information on these latest releases, contact our Greenfield & Hunter showroom


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New Arrivals at G&H!

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Discover the beautiful new arrivals at Greenfield & Hunter.

Portuguese designer Aldeco arrives...

This week we were excited to receive the breathtaking new designer brand AldecoThe Portuguese fabric house provides clients with a range of quality prints. Inspired by the world's heritage and cultures, the collections exude the passion and innovation of the designers. 

Their fabrics are elegant, functional, easy care and resistant. The wide variety of fabrics include silks, velvets, linens, chenilles, organzas, printed cottons, taffetas and blackouts provide clients a wonderful range of exceptional options. They also have technical fabrics, such as TREVIRA CS, Fire Retardant, Teflon (waterproof) and Anti-Stain.

Camengo's latest release enchants

Camengo offers a huge range of inspirational collections, bursting with character and flavour. Made in France, the breathtaking prints add a sense of flavour and excitement to interiors. 

Camengo releases beautiful new fabrics as part of their 'La Vie et Belle' collection. Rich in colours, carefree, pulsating with positive energy, Camengo's latest collections will radiate a sense of happiness within your interiors. Inspiration is drawn from the purity of spring and summer, breath-taking destinations and the desire to indulge oneself with warmth and generosity. 

Untitled design 2019 05 02T122227.514

Thibaut has arrived!

Thibaut releases Modern Resourcesa perfect combination of luxury and sophistication for your interiors. Featuring contemporary designs that create mood and atmosphere, Modern Resources includes linear, yet organic elements, that radiate an impression of style and elegance. Bold abstract designs are complemented by calming, tranquil patterns, the collection displays a range of possibilities for decorating your walls. In traditional Thibaut fashion, geometric wallpaper designs feature heavily, along with patterns that mix the interplay of lines and geometrics across eleven designs. 

The collection also contains impressive paper-weave constructed wallpapers that create interesting texture and depth to an interior space. The entire range embody endless inspiration for chic interiors.

Untitled design 2019 05 02T133507.467 

For more information on the new arrivals at our Frewville Showroom, or to learn more about prices, contact out Greenfield & Hunter team. 


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Thibaut's latest collection, Modern Resources

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Thibaut is one of the oldest operating wallpaper firms having been established in 1886. Having further developed their offering to include a variety of coordinating print fabrics, embroideries and woven upholstery fabrics, Thibaut has become synonymous with beautiful traditional and transitional designs in signature colour palettes. Offering unsurpassed quality and great design in styles ranging from historic reproductions and traditional, classic patterns to tropical and novelty patterns.

Recently, Thibaut released their latest collection, Modern Resources. Featuring contemporary designs that create mood and atmosphere, the range of wallpapers include textural components and crisp graphics that radiate an impression of sophistication and style. 

Untitled design 66 

The bold abstract design of Mori, to the calming and tranquil pattern of Horizon, this outstanding new collection from Thibaut invites you to discover the creative possibilities that wallpaper brings to your interiors. Geometric wallpaper designs feature heavily within the collection, from the defined Noam to the hand graphic of Teramo - there's a range of lines and graphics within the eleven designs. Within the patterns of Skyler and Channels, you'll see an interesting texture and depth to your interior space. 

For more information on this new collection from Thibaut contact our showroom.   

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Discover the latest from Zoffany!

Zoffany has long been one of the premier brands in luxury interiors. The sophisticated approach draws on many different sources, the most being innovative technology, contemporary design and their own historical archive. With their remarkable archive dating back to the 17th and 18th century, the inspiration drawn into current collections is truly breathtaking. 

Discover Zoffany's latest release Rhombi Wallpaper. Undeniably glamorous and fabulously sophisticated, Rhombi is an exquisite collection of seven vinyl wall-coverings across a range of beautiful designs are textural plains. This collection is inspired by applied art; a magnificent blend of finely embossed new and archival designs, working harmoniously to create a coordinating air of timeless and refined elegance. 

These wallpapers have hand chosen colour sets, bringing together subtle movement and texture, whilst the matte and shine evoke an air of individuality. 

Discover our favourite picks from the collection...

Abstract 123

The standout design of the Rhombi Vinyl collection is the beautiful Abstract 123. Printed in soft metallics with emboss elements representative of a sumptuous fabric, this modernist inspired wallpaper blends with other Zoffany favourites to create a beautifully harmonious interior scheme. 

Untitled design 63


As the namesake is widely regarded as the height of luxury, this mesmerising Shagreen design presents an almost pebble-like appearance across its seven colour ways. From soft minerals and metallics to rich, leathery shades, the mottled textural detail of this Zoffany wallpaper captivates and mesmerises.  

Untitled design 62

For more information on these wallpapers, visit The Style Library. Visit our Frewville team if you'd like to discover these wallpapers in person. Our team can assist you with pricing or samples. 

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New Arrivals at G&H!

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This week at Greenfield & Hunter, we received beautiful new arrivals from leading designers Arte and Hooked on Walls. These collections embody the uniqueness of the brands, and invite clients to explore the possibilities associated with wallpaper in an interior setting. 


Moooi and Arte joined forces to create The Extinct Animals CollectionA work of art that comprises of a range of wallpapers that both excite and interest admirers. With Moooi's new exciting concept, paired with Arte's expertise and dedication to luxury, the collection is a wonderful embodiment of Mother Nature and art. 

The range of wallpapers celebrates nature's diversity, aiming to stretch the limits of imagination. Each pattern is inspired by the characteristics of one extinct animal. Striking combinations of colours, features and patterns of its fur, plumage or skin bring it vividly back to life on our walls. Some designs narrate a story; whilst others stimulate our senses using imagery and textures. 

Untitled design 55

Hooked on Walls

A brand with its own particular style, Hooked on Walls provides clients with a range of wallpapers, from bold, contemporary to geometric and unexpected colour combinations.

The new collection Exotique takes you on an expedition through the grandeur of the jungle. The designs invite you to discover the hidden beauty of the tropical places. For a rich natural effect on your wall, your imagination will get carried away. A few of our favourite designs include, Scala introduces your interior to the fauna and flora of tropics. Fanning leaves sway back and forth, forming the basis of this stylised design. It's subtle, yet sublime and hard to miss. Carmona presents the Japanese bonsai in a lovely, artistic way. The stylised print with minuscule polka dots and stripes in shiny relief underlines a design that truly packs a punch. 

Untitled design 54

Greenfield & Hunter invite you to our Frewville showroom to discover these wonderful wallpapers for yourself. Cuttings are available upon request, along with pricing information. Contact our team for more info


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More New Arrivals at G&H

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Besides the exciting arrival of Cromwell, G&H have recieved numerous new collections from leading European fabric houses. Explore the new arrivals available at our Frewville showroom today.

Zoffany, Icons Fabrics

Celebrating the exceptional design influences of recent years, Zoffany's Icons features standout weaves, embroideries and prints, representing an array of cultures and eras. The eleven fabrics have been curated for their individual merit and culminate to a wonderful range of exceptional prints. Hero designs from famous art houses in France, to Japanese artists and African prints, the collection is truly one-of-a-kind. 

Untitled design 49

Distinctive new designs sit amongst the archive pieces from the Zoffany library, with fabulous representation of fabrics and master craftsmanship. With a keen eye for colour, Icons works seamlessly with all Zoffany Alchemy of Colour tones, from mineral subtleties of Quartz Grey & Zinc to the jewel like riches of Tiger's Eye and Lazuli. 

Our favourite picks from this collection...

Les Dames Charcoal: A spontaneous design with stunning movement, Les Dames is representative of an artists muse. Quick expressive brushstrokes showcase a classic beauty: pretty, elegant and captivating. 

London 1832 Silver: Taken from an original Zoffany archive design, what could be more iconic? Printed in England and capturing a moment in time, this design features inspirational landmarks and some of the capitals most famous roads.

Deco Deer Velvet Sahara: Taken from an original French print, Deco Deer from Zoffany represents an iconic period of design. Silhouetted shapes create a whimsical look, contrasting against richly coloured plain ground.

de Le Cuona, Wanderlust: Series 2

Considered the 'most luxurious fabrics available' the collection has been inspired by travel and noble fibres. The first fabrics in this collection focused on sumptuous textures created from the finest natural fibres of linen, alpaca, cashmere and silk. The second series, Bernie de Le Cuona introduced beautiful colours to new linen and silk. Rich shades are inspired by visits to the romantic city of Verona and a cooler, pared-down palette by the purity of Scandinavian landscape. 

Untitled design 51

Our favourite picks...

Verona: A classic cloth with a hint of romance, this lustrous silk comes in six ethereal shades. A wonderful double-width fabric perfect for curtaining. 

Malmo: A relaxed, floppy upholstery linen fabric. Crafted from the finest flax grown in Belgium, and combined with viscose to bring strength and a feeling of softness to the cloth. 

Black Mountain: With elegant shades of black, a classic colour that never goes out of style. 

Phillip Jeffries, Shangri-La and Flight

Phillip Jeffries' latest release is described as a utopia of exotic inspirations. 'Traditional decorative Easter motifs merge with classic Western patterns to create a hideaway of idyllic beauty and tranquility'. These wallpapers are digitally printed on a variety of natural grounds, including Manila Hemp, Sateen Club, Stardust Silk along with a new Copper ground exclusive to Shangri-La.  

Untitled design 50

Flight was inspired by original kimono embroidery, majestic cranes soaring from clouds. The incredibly range of imagery is digitally printed on a variety of natural grounds, including Glam Grass, Manila Hemp, Vinyl Metalworks along with Zen Washi. 

For more information on these new collections, visit our Frewville showroom. Clients are more than welcome to borrow books, order samples and can enquire about pricing. 

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New Arrivals at Greenfield & Hunter

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Over the past couple of weeks we have been inundated with beautiful new collections from European designers. From the breathtaking Sanderson new range Glasshouse, to this weeks arrivals from Manuel Canovas and Larson - we don't know which is our favourite as they're all unique and truly breathtaking. Discover more about these new arrivals...

Manuel Canovas

The latest collection from the French designer, combines wonderful colour-play with exciting prints and patterns. Taking inspiration from the artist Matisse, the collection picks up the same decorative register that infuses the artist's most beautiful and captivating paintings. The fabrics combine elements of modern, graphic and decorative elements, allowing a wide range of popular choices for any interior. A touch of ethnic appears in some of the floral motifs, along with a play of embroideries. Sophisticated and elegant plains enrich the collection further, adding a shimmering palette of colour.

A few of our favourites...

Annaa large scale woven Ikat design on an ivory cotton satin base cloth, inspired by the Afghanistan coat. Available in four colours, you can never go wrong with a beautiful Ikat. 

MathisInspired by the work of the French artist, this striking multi-coloured design features flowing geometric circles and lines and is woven on a coloured ground. 

ValbonneThis eye-catching embroidery, features a wonderful graphic diamond design. Available in four colours, it's a wonderful piece to make a central point within any interior. 

Untitled design 43

Left to right, Anna, Mathis, Valbonne


Larsen presents a range that takes inspiration from 'the secrets of living nature'. Exhibiting natural sophistication, and offering a hand-crafted look, the collection displays subtle and elegant earth and mineral tones within the designs. The use of linen offers attractive irregularities, surfaces with pronounced reliefs and a true simplicity. 

A few of our favourites:

HortaThis design is inspired by a hand-woven African document using a mix of different linen and cotton fibres, to add a beautiful textured effect. This print is available in four colours.

JonesThis small-scale geometric pattern, with a tone-on-tone look, contrasts matte and shiny yarns to great advantage. Available in sixteen sophisticated colours.

ReyesA simple geometric embroidered on a rustic ground. Available in three earth and mineral colours. 

Untitled design 44Left to right, Horta, Reyes, Jones

For more information on these new releases, visit our Frewville showroom or email us. Our team are happy to discuss pricing, and arrange cuttings, samples or loans of the Larsen and Manual Canovas new collection.   


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Sanderson's new Glasshouse Collection

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Have you discovered Sanderson's new Glasshouse Collection. Blending the science of flowers and foilage with art this collection is a true celebration of botanical beauty. The Glasshouse from Sanderson includes eleven wallpapers, nine prints, two embroideries and three jacquards - all designed to showcase Mother Nature. 

Stunning embroideries are complemented by finely detailed prints. Silhouetted shadows and elegant stems bring a subtle movement to the collection. Tropical tones such as Rhodera and Eucalyptus meet with Blush and Aqua as Botanical Green and Lime bring a freshness to the collection.

The Glasshouse Collection is beautifully complemented by Sanderson's Linnean Weaves; five smart designs in a variety of striking botanical colours. The versatile geometrics, striking chevrons and modern herringbones perfectly accent the Glasshouse range. Named after Carl Linnaeus, the 18th century scientist credited with developing a system to classify living things, these weaves pay homage to the great man. 

Discover a few of our favourites from Glasshouse below...

Untitled design 29


This interesting design features elegant domed terrariums encasing a variety of succulent cacti and ornamental orchids. Available in both a fabric and wallpaper, Terrariums is available in three colour-ways, Bottle Green, Eucalyptus/Bengal Red and Ink/Papaya. 

Untitled design 30


Originating in Brazil, the Calathea or 'Prayer Plant' was a favourite for illustration in the late 19th century due to its remarkable decorative foliage. Designed to grow as two striping columns across the width of the cloth, this botanical leaf is finely painted on a crisp cotton satin. This design is available in Botanical Green and Olive, and in a wallpaper or fabric. 

Untitled design 31

Ring-tailed Lemur

These friendly faced lemur perch on a branching trail, beautifully drawn in pencil and watercolour extending the lemur's coat and long banding tail across a natural linen union. This design is available in both wallpapers and fabrics, and two colour-ways, grey and olive. 

Discover Sanderson's entire Glasshouse Collection at our Frewville Showroom. For information on pricing and availability contact our team


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New Rug Collection at G&H

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Greenfield & Hunter are excited to welcome the beautiful rugs from Colurscope by Cadrys. The magnificent collection feature a range of colour hues, patterns and texture, all a wonderful addition to your interiors. Discover the range below and visit us at our Frewville showroom to see the collection for yourself. 

To view the entire collection of rugs available from Colorscope, view their website. Greenfield & Hunter invite you to our Frewvile Showroom to view samples of these rugs. To find out pricing, contact our team.


Distressed Geometrics Storm Colourscope Rug



The Distressed Geometrics Collection - Diamonds - Storm

A large-scale contemporary and art-deco inspired geometric pattern. The luscious viscose fibre in dramatic and neutral colours compliment an open-plan living environment.

This modern rug is the perfect way to add a pop of colour, whilst maintaining an elegant and sophisticated interior.


Sizes available: 160x230, 200x300, 250x350, 300x400, 350x450




Untitled design 20



The Elements Collection - Ribbed - Beige

A classic, contemporary rug, hand-loomed using a loop/cut weaving technique and an uneven hand sheared pile.

It's both luxe and modern, allowing it to be a stunning addition to any room.

Available in six colour ways, blue, beige, charcoal, green (view at G&H) & navy

Sizes available: 160x230, 200x300, 250x350, 300x400,350x450





Untitled design 21



The Dip Dye Collection - Navy

A unique dying technique is applied over a rustic, natural white loop pile rug to achieve an abrash in the large scale and graphic patterns, a perfect rug paired for the coastal interior. 

Available in four colour ways, sky blue, navy, grey and charcoal. 

Sizes available: 160x230, 200x300, 250x300, 250x350, 300x400






Untitled design 22



The Boheme Collection - Natural

Using hand-spun, natural and un-dyed yarns in both a cut & loop Hand-knotted construction, the boheme rugs are the perfect addition to the coastal, beachside and country interior with its neutral tones and finish.

Available in four colour ways, steel, natural, charcoal and tan.

Sizes available: 160x230, 200x300, 250x300, 250x350, 300x400, 350x450





Untitled design 23




The Luxe Collection - Charcoal

The tonal variations and high/low pile, this elegant spotted design, with pure viscose pile and border, makes for an elegant addition to your interior.

Available in four colour ways, steel, storm, charcoal and beige.

Sizes available: 160x230, 200x300, 250x350, 300x400.





Untitled design 24


The Natural Collection - Jute

Woven with hand-spun Jute that's been carefully dyed to reveal the natural inconsistencies of the fibre. The rugs are timeless and elegant; a wonderful addition to your interior setting in their soft tones. These rugs are dyed with vegetable dye - which means the colour could be slightly different either lighter or darker.

Available in six colour ways, natural, charcoal, mist, slate, white, khaki/grey.

Sizes available: 160x230, 200x300, 250x350, 300x400, 350x450, 0.80x350





Untitled design 25



The Seasons Collection - Rustic - Gun Metal

The Seasons Rustic Weave is an indoor/outdoor rug with a perfect blend of premium quality Olefin and Polypropylene. These rugs would complement any room with their unique and rustic natural look. These rugs would be ideal for verandas, balconies, laundries and door entrances.

These rugs are indoor/outdoor.

Sizes Available: 160x230, 200x300, 250x300, 250x350, 300x400. 





Untitled design 26




The Infinity Collection - Ikat - Stone

This collection is for those who have their own special design requirements. Whether you're looking for something with customised sizing, edging/binding, than this is the collection. 

Featuring a diverse pattern library and textures across a large range of neutral colours.


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Our Favourites of 2018

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It's nearly Christmas, and time is flying by as we approach the festive season. As the year ends, the Greenfield & Hunter team are reflecting on our favourite collections of 2018 from our suppliers. Take a step back in time with us as we share our top picks for the year...


de La Cuona: The beautiful range of Wanderlust by de Le Cuona exudes magnificent texture, colour and simplicity. From patterns to linen blends, explore the range and fall in love. 

Thibaut: The newly released Dynasty by Thibaut takes a fresh interpretation of chinoiserie yet with a modern twist. As it's infused with the rich history and elegance of Asian culture, it has proved popular and a go-to throughout the year. 

Iksel: Are you looking for a decorative wallpaper? Iksel is renowned for breathtaking works of art, all with the ability to transform any room or space. A must-see range of wallpapers and a top pick for the year. 

South Pacific

Lelievre: A favourite for our team, Lelievre's Voyages Voyages transports you to another world, bringing together the traditional aspects of many cultures, to create an interesting tale. The beautiful fabrics, all available for viewing at our Frewville showroom, are always a go-to for our team.

2018 picks 1

Above: Misia, Jane Churchill, Westbury, Gaston Y Daniela

Unique Fabrics

Arte: With a range of wallpapers that are truly incredible, Arte is synonymous with innovative and trend-setting high-end wallcoverings. Their collection Curiosa takes inspiration from exotic trinkets, animals and natural features - adding elements of adventure to your home.

Within the range, Flavour Paper has proved extraordinary. Arte's Flavour Paper is truly unique with a bold touch of irony throughout each and every wallpaper. 

Textile Company

Misia: The beautiful fabrics from Misia has proved a popular choice for many designers, with many adoring the textiles on offer within the Le Chant de Kayapo collection. The French-brand provides sophisticated and contemporary options for the home, exuding class and elegance.

Trend - trims:  In collaboration with Trend, Jaclyn Smith (Home) has created a beautiful range of modern, fresh and contemporary trims for the home. With a wide range of colours, the versatile collection has proved popular with clients over the year. 

Domestic Textiles

Decortex: As summer approaches, the need for versatile, durable and well-made outdoor fabrics proves necessary. Decortex's Oasi Collection "Outdoor" has become a viable option for clients in their search for the perfect fabric. 

Gaston Y Daniele: The sensational Spanish designer's latest collection, Casilda Book includes a range of designs that are both traditional and contemporary. Fall in love with this range as we have.


Jane Churchill: In her latest collection, Atmosphere IV, Jane Churchill has combined classic English design with a modern contemporary feel. Every year the range presented by the UK designer prove a popular choice with clients. 

Westbury Textiles

Westbury's wide range of beautiful and versatile fabrics has made them a staple in client's selection. Their wonderful selection of colourways and textures enables designers to select the perfect option. 

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Murals Make a Comeback!

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Have you considered a mural for your next feature wall?

Greenfield & Hunter have a wide range of breathtaking designers who incorporate works of art into magnificent wallpapers. Discover these designers and their impressive collection of murals at our Greenfield & Hunter showroom - and fall in love with the intricate detail...

Iksel Decorative Arts

Iskel creates a range of images working with a large team of painters and skilled craftsmen. They are the first company to transform hand painted material into a new form: Digital Media, not in order to reproduce but to create new imagery in a convincingly hand painted quality. The range on offer is truly beautiful, with depictions of a wide variety of scenes, people, stories and history captured.

Untitled design 14

Above: Iskel Decorative Arts

Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin's collaboration with Kit Kemp has lead to a variety of beautiful wallpapers and fabrics inspired by the travels of the designer. In their latest collection, Kemp created a wallpaper called Mythical Land, which takes inspiration from American folk art, telling an enchanting story; as you  walk through a magical world, with a lively river, wild flowers and a collection of mythical creatures. 

Untitled design 15

Above: Andrew Martin


As part of their new collection Darnley, Zoffany recreated the world of country houses, having visited England's most revered stately homes to embody each and every creation. The fabulous personalities of the home owners translated into decadent collection of wallpapers. Inspired by the elegance of the homes, Zoffany created the Stand Wood wallpaper. In collaboration with renowned mural artist, Melissa White, the feel of an aged artwork, signature strokes adds interest and beauty to this mythical story.

Untitled design 16

Above: Zoffany

Phillip Jeffries

Having been introduced to the Greenfield & Hunter showroom earlier this year, Phillip Jeffries wonderful range of wallpapers has proved a popular hit with many clients. As you enter his world you're instantly inspired by the magnificent use of colours, textures and imagination, all of which combine to create a breathtaking mural. A variety of images are created from abstract, to botanical and chinoiserie. 

Untitled design 17Above: Phillip Jeffries 

For more information on these collections, or to request cuttings, please contact our Greenfield & Hunter team. Or visit our showroom to see these for yourself! 


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The Andrew Martin & Kit Kemp Collaboration

GH banner blog 1

Award-winning interior designer, Kit Kemp has collaborated with Andrew Martin to create a unique, quirky and breathtaking collection of fabrics and wallpapers. 

In 2008 Kit won the Andrew Martin International Designer of the Year Award, and from this win, a seed was planted for a design collaboration. 

Inspired by the romance of folk tales, the Kit Kemp Collection captures the magnificent imagination of a child, and the magic of design. The six fabrics and five wallpapers within the range depict scenes of mythical lands in dusky colours, accented with contemporary bursts of bright orange, blue, yellow and green. 

It began when Kit discovered tapestries from the 15th and 16th century, "it was fascinating to see these magical creatures hiding behind leaves and under hedgerows". 

"Every living space should have elements to capture the imagination and enchant. We wanted a hand drawn, crafted collection bringing our love of the artisan and mythical creations together. The colours are joyful and fresh."

Native American art also provided inspiration for the Great Plains and Apache wallpapers. It was the old-wordly motifs and fabrics such as twill, linen and chintz have been modernised with vibrant colours and airer repeats. Martin & Kemp encourage designers to use the collect to layer and contract, to create a room with the unfolding twists and turns of a story.

Untitled design 12

Discover the entire Kit Kemp Collection at our Frewville Showroom. For cuttings or pricing, please contact our Greenfield & Hunter team.

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G&H Welcomes Nigel Bell from the Style Library

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Today G&H welcomed Nigel Bell from the Style Library to our Frewville Showroom. Having arrived from the UK, Nigel shared his insights with our clients on the Style Library and the process of creation for leading UK designers, Scion, Sanderson and Zoffany. Besides introducing their latest collections, Nigel shared his immense knowledge with our clients in an exciting and revealing presentation. 

GH blog nigel bell

An important element of Nigel's discussion were the mood boards he shared from the UK brand's designers. They showed the inspiration behind iconic collections, demonstrating how fashion, nature and culture come together to reveal themselves in the fabrics and wallpapers. These are rarely shared outside the business, but it was an exciting opportunity to discover how designers generate ideas for these collections. 

Nigel brought with him some never before seen fabrics from the brand new Sanderson collection. So special, we weren't allowed to photograph or share the prints with anyone. 

The new collections are now available at our Frewville Showroom. Many are truly breathtaking, and perfect for your upcoming projects. The diverse range of prints, patterns, colours and inspiration allow an endless amount of options, no matter the brief. 

G&H invite you to come in and explore these ranges for yourself. We can assure you you'll fall in love with the magnificent range from the Style Library.

Discover the offerings from the Style Library here

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Morris & Co by H&M

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Coming off the success of a previous collaboration with GP & J Baker, H&M are continuing their works with British interior icons. After a year in the works, the Swedish retailer are launching works with Morris & Co; the heritage print and fabric brand known across the world, William Morris. 

"Nature, style and time combine in our collaboration with Morris & Co, the iconic British wallpaper & fabrics brand. Get lost in a world of exquisite original patterns and modern tributes to the work of William Morris, one of the nineteenth century's most celebrated designers."

It's this iconic nature that has allowed this collaboration to be popular amongst all ages. As some of Morris's most recognised and loved around the world, the designer was always a strong advocate of beautiful design.

The range uses some of Morris & Co's masterpieces including Love is Enough, Lily Leaf, Marigold and Pimpernel - all brought to life through wool blends, velvet and fluid fabrics, and include a range of on-trend details like tie-necks, voluminous sleeves, knife pleats and ruffles. Almost all the prints featured within H&M's collection date back to the late 1800's, with all serving an inspiration for generations of artists and designers - as evident through the collections popularity. 

GH blog morris

According to Claire Valis, creative director of Morris & Co, there's never been a time where the company's patterns "have been so popular". 

"There is an energy within Morris's patterns that seems to marry so well with the youthful energy of fashion," says Claire.

It took one year from conception to production, with both H&M and Morris & Co working hand in hand to develop these designs. All the while ensuring the authenticity of Morris's original creations was seamlessly represented in the clothing created. 

G&H are excited to offer William Morris's wonderful collection of timeless fabrics. The Morris & Co brand brings new life to these exceptional fabrics and wallpapers, and we're eager to see the H&M arrivals when they open their doors in Adelaide in the coming weeks.

For more information on the H&M collaboration click here. To learn more about our William Morris range, visit our Frewville showroom or contact our G&H team.

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New Harlequin at G&H

GH banner blog 1Greenfield & Hunter are excited to welcome new arrivals from Harlequin to our Frewville Showroom. 

Harlequin has long been a fabulous combination of high fashion and interior style. The fusions of delicious colours, innovative textures and cat-walk inspired design has made them a popular choice for years. Alongside digital design technology, Harlequin's designers love using paintbrushes with experiment with watercolours, gouache, inks and more to create new effects and colour blends. 

GH blog Harlequin

Harlequin's Momentum 9

In this release, Harlequin seeks to bring boutique appeal to any interior space. The Momentum 9 features a range of multi directional geometrics to tactile stripes and semi-place textures. The elegant mix of woven jacquard velvets, chenilles and textured stripes. Blending perfectly and interchanging expertly with all previous Momentum launches. This range is available in fabrics and wallpapers.

Harlequin's Momentum 10

A wonderful range of geometrics, the Momentum 10 brings appeal to any space. The multi directional geometrics, opulent florals, tactile stripes and semi-plain textures, play out in an elegant mix of print techniques. Momentum 10 is available in fabrics and wallpapers.

Momentum Sheers & Structures 3

Momentum Vol. 3 from Harlequin offers interiors a sophisticated range of structures and sheers in a fashion-led colour palette. The wonderful collection of multi directional geometrics, tactile stripes and delicate botanicals, play out with an elegant mix of matte and shine. 

For more information on this range of breathtaking fabrics from Harlequin, contact our Frewville Showroom

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New Arrivals at G&H

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This week at G&H we welcome the arrival of two breathtaking collections; Jane Churchill's Atmosphere and Colefax & Fowler's Oriana from their Autumn 2018 range.

Jane Churchill

Jane Churchill's influence on interior styles and design has been momentous. She has proposed a fashionable, informal take on the quintessential British look. Designs embody a contemporary elegance, with an artistic twist, envisioned with modern living in mind. Many designs produce vibrant, uplifting interiors, whilst maintaining their classic, elegant British heritage. Completing the ranges on offer, a collection of patterns for children's rooms.

In Jane Churchill's new collection Atmosphere, you're inspired by organically inspired decoratives. Mixed abstract stories and fresh florals create fabrics and wallpapers with immense style. Mid-tones, such as brick and jade contribute a soft mood, while sumptuous velvets, glimmering textures, and luminous jewel hues epitomise the sophisticated finish of this expansive collection.

GH blog jane churchill blog

Colefax & Fowler

Design director Sarah MacGregor has taken the lead with both Colefax and Fowler and Jane Churchill, continuing the elegance that defines these brand's English aesthetic. Many of C&L's collections are categorised by sophisticated designs, using advanced printing and weaving techniques, in subtle styles. Each annual collection features striking prints, silk and linen embroideries, largely influenced by Indienne, paisley, Persian and botanical documents, luxurious velvets and weaves, and a beautiful series of decorative and textured wallpapers.

The latest release for the Autumn 2018 collection, Oriana features an array of patterns, textures and aesthetics. The warm hues reflected throughout the range, bring in the wonderful, breathtaking surrounds of the English countryside; all very reminiscent of the brand's heritage.

GH blog colefax fowler blog

G&H invite you to come into the showroom and discover the beauty of these Jane Churchill and Colefax & Fowler collections. For more information on these brands, or to find out pricing, contact our showroom. Or visit their website to view the collections online.  

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Zoffany, Darnley Fabrics

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Zoffany is one of the world's most respected brands in luxury interiors. Drawing inspiration from many different sources, including technology, contemporary design and their own historical archive. The remarkable archive was assembled over the years, through auctions and donations from customers, allowing for rich weaves, luxurious velvets and opulent wall-coverings, dating back to the 17th and 18th century.

In their latest release, Darnley, Zoffany looks to the stately homes of England to draw inspiration for the collection. The fabulous personalities of the residents are translated into a breathtaking range of velvets, embroideries, prints and weaves. These textual fabrics are embellished with exquisite detail and metallic highlight, across a variety of rich colour-ways. 

Besides the elegant fabrics of Darnley, there are ten decadent wallpapers, embellished with beautiful textures. Aristocratic notes are brought to this collection, along with Zoffany's Alchemy of Colour featured throughout. The country-house appeal has been brought to life with these classic, highly regarded designs. 

Peter Gomez, Head of Design at Zoffany said, "We have developed our designs to reflect the fabulous personalities of the individuals that lived in the great historic houses of England. Archive prints along with new designs showcase exquisite techniques, whilst at the same time, capturing the relaxed feel of country living". 

GH blog zoffany 1

For more information on this breathtaking Zoffany collection, click here. Or to organise cuttings or for information on pricing, contact our showroom

Greenfield & Hunter invite clients to the next presentation where Nigel Bell from the Style Library will be joining the team to discover this latest Zoffany range. A beautiful collection to learn more about, with inspiration coming from some of England's most magnificent stately homes - it will be an exceptional morning. 15th October 2018, 11.30am. RSVP here.  

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