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This week at Greenfield & Hunter, we've been dazzled by the new collections from leading European designers Nina Campbell and Matthew Williamson

Nina Campbell's fabric collection 'Les Rêves,' is a unique use of colour and is said to be inspired by artist Henri Matisse's palette. Matisse's works are currently on exhibition at London's Royal Academy of Arts. Featured in the exhibition is a photograph that shows Matisse at his home, Villa Le Reve in Vence, on the French Riviera - surrounded by patterns atop patterns, and decorative, vivid colours, textiles and antiques. Many of these extravagant interiors were reflected in his masterpieces as colourful spectacles. Campbell described his works as 'colourful but not brash, with a richness that still manages to be soft'. The 'Les Rêves' collection is a range of patterns and exuberant colours reflected in Matisse's works, described by Campbell herself, can 'make a modest space seem jewel-like and brighter'. 

If you've had a chance to look through 'Les Rêves' you would've noticed the jug print Collioure. This print is especially Matisse-like, given the red and pale blue hue and brims with painterly, hand-drawn shapes - and the diverse nature of print-upon-print, another key Matisse characteristic. 

Another new arrival at G&H was Matthew Williamson's 'Belvoir' collection, named in honour of Belvoir Castle, in Leicestershire. This range is Williamson's fifth collection of wallpapers and fabrics in collaboration with Osbourne & Little. The diverse colourway evokes the English country house style with a contemporary twist. 

In his wallpaper collection, Williamson has used bold colours and shapes to encaspulate the elements within Belvoir Castle. The wallpaper, Ceramica, came from the porcelain display at Belvoir Castle, which featured a variety of styles having been with the Rutland family for years. It began with plates sourced from Portobello and Kempton markets in London, with each being individually photographed and then customised further in the studio, to bring out the colours or add hand-drawn motifs like a flamingo, peony or butterfly.

Each wallpaper holds detail and precision when analysed and appreciated up close and personally. In particular the Orangery, which is described as 'an ode to the traditional orangeries typical of country houses'. The ornate framed cages were all drawn by hand, housing tropical birds and orchids, painted in thick brushstrokes of acrylic. And the background? A delicate lace pattern, based on vintage English design. When describing this particular inspiration, Williamson spoke of 'the light and space [of these orangeries] are strikingly beautiful, and the scents of exotic tropic plants and fruit are unmistakable'. 

For more information on both Nina Campbell's 'Les Rêves' or Matthew Williamson's 'Belvoir', please contact our showroom.

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G&H Welcomes Decortex

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Founded in 1977 by Massimo Petriolo, Decortex Firenze quickly became one of the leading design houses in the international market. With fabrics 'of the highest quality, loyal to the great Tuscan Renaissance tradition,' Decortex became famous for its creativity and presentation of fashionable collections.

And today is no different, as innovation combined with passion and respect is the continued mission of Decortex. Following in their father's footsteps, Sceila, Damiano and Lapo Petrioli continue to design and present inspirational and colourful collections, in keeping with the Tuscan Renaissance tradition.

What makes Decortex truly unique, is their commitment to producing fabrics in leading textile mills, using only the finest Italian silks yarns. Decortex also specialise in wide-width product, in curtain fabrics and upholstery, unlike other creative houses.

In celebration of Decortex's latest collection, Damiano Petrioli will join us in showcasing the newest range. Damiano will be presenting on the 14th of September 2017, and G&H will be serving light lunch and refreshments, from 11am. We invite all designers and clients to join Damiano and our team. 

Feel free to contact us to RSVP or if you have any further questions about the latest Decortex range. 

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